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Apr 5, 2012 07:38 PM

road detours on drive to seattle?

looking for any chowworthy detours on the way south to seattle...vegetarian friendly, please.

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  1. the sumas crossing hilite is http://www.edaleendairy.com/

    and then take chuckanut drive from bellingham to mt vernon

    at this time of year, there should be some tulips in the skagit valley

    check out La Connor - it's kitsch but still a bit cute.

    i remember going to a good bakery in arlington once.

    the rhododendron cafe in skagit valley used to be one of the Nw best places - don't know if it still exists or how it fares these days -- it is in Bow, WA

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    1. re: Georgia Strait

      Yup the Rhody Cafe is still there. Haven't eaten there for a long time since the last time we did the Tulip Festival in La Conner about 3-4 years ago, but memory serves they were v. good (not vegetarian tho', FWIW).

      1. re: Georgia Strait

        Is the dairy really worth a stop? I wonder if it is hormone free.

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          Edaleen Dairy has two stores, the main one in Lynden (just over the border from Aldergrove) and a 2nd one in Sumas (just over the border from Abbotsford). Their ice cream is really good, and the servings are generous for what they charge.

        2. In Bellingham there's:

          - Cafe Rumba! (newly opened on State St.)
          - Pepper Sisters (about 2 blocks south of Cafe Rumba!, opposite side of road)
          - Curry Cafe (off of Kellogg & Meridian)

          Further south, there's the Calico Cupboard in La Conner and Mt. Vernon who does brekkies and lunches well, with vegetarian options.

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            FYI: in Bellingham, there's Soy House--a Vietnamese place with awesome vegetarian options.

            Thanks for the La Connor heads up, looks like a fun place to stop...I'm open to spending the day elsewhere.

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              Yes, I'm been advised by a fellow B'ham CH about Soy House that they have this unique Vietnamese wood-fired pizza with the cilantro pesto sauce. That got my attention.

          2. I'm a big beerhound so Boundary Bay brewing in Bellingham is a regular stop for a half pint and a bite. Pub food but is well executed.

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              On brewing companies, there's also Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen on W. Holly, just northwest of downtown, right off the train tracks. They have an interesting, diverse menu, albeit gastropub-like. Of note is their locavore menu, a really cheal $5-ish "hoppy hour" menu, and a regular menu of pizzas, burgers/'wiches, soups/salads ...... made with care and good ingredients. The mac & cheese, & meatloaf, are really really good ..... I've been known to eat both in the same meal :-D

              For a casual (but refined) tapas/small bites repertoire, try The Temple Bar on Champion St, also downtown.

              And for similar, but even more refined (and +$), there's the Prospect Street Cafe (on Prospect Street, in case you were wondering), around the corner from The Temple Bar. Larger portions,

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                Went yesterday. Rhody cafe was very cute and pretty good. I had a finnish pancake that was almost like a savory cheesecake, with berries on top; enjoyable. I really liked the Chuckanut drive from Bellingham to Bow..gorgeous, may have to look into living there--surely much much cheaper than living here.

                1. re: 1newyorkguy

                  Glad you had a good time and meal.

                  Yes that drive is great, but can be a bit white knuckles when the weather is crappy, esp. driving SB. But the view out to Samish Bay is priceless.

                  For future trips, here's a few more recs: