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Apr 5, 2012 07:17 PM

Tax Season: a very good three-course prix fixe at P'tit Laurent for $20.12

Le P'tit Laurent, the casual French restaurant in the Glen Park neighborhood in San Francisco, has a very good three-course prix fixe special for $20.12 going until April 15th (weekends excluded). I went there last night and it was totally packed. I made reservations (for six) just the day before. The food was fairly simple but quite good.

Take a look at their menu at

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up - this is actually the price they used to charge for the 3-course weekday "neighborhood menu" until they raised it by a few bucks. There are more choices on this menu though; the old menu had only 2 choices each night, if I remember correctly.

    Which courses did you have?

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      Since there were six of us, we ordered all the different choices in the app, main, and dessert categories and then sampled each other's choices. My personal choices were marinated salmon (similar to gravlax), rack of lamb and pan perdu (sort of a French toast). All very good.

    2. The website mentioned excluded Fri & Sat, so I'm hoping we can get the $20.12 deal on Sun?