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Any Julia Child recipes for ethnic, mexican or italian food?

Just wondering. Would love to try them. "Ethnic" meaning Indian, Thai, Chinese. What about southern or soul food? She must have a fried chicken recipe. I hear she wasn't so fond of Mexican food, not sure if that is true.

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  1. Julia was all about french food.

    1. I've read that she loved Chinese food (she and her husband Paul were stationed in China when they were both in the OSS) and eating it abroad it actually awakened her interest in food, but she believed mastering French techniques would enable you to cook any other types of cuisines. i haven't seen any evidence that she had any Chinese recipes, though....

      1. If you want to find any Julia non-French recipes, I think your best bet would be cookbook(s) or website (s) for her Cooking with Master Chefs or other programs she did later in life, long after The French Chef.

        1. She was pretty true to her French training. A few of her later cookbooks do nod towards American, but she never really veered from french techniques and flavors.

          1. Thanks for the replies. I'm guessing these are all of her books? http://www.abebooks.com/books/masteri...

            I have "The Way to Cook" and "mastering the art.." sidenote: I met JC maybe end of 2000 or early 2001 and told her my favorite cookbook in the world was "The Way to Cook" and she proceeded to ask me in detail about all my favorite recipes in it. Good thing I wasn't lying to suck up to her, I was able to answer, otherwise it would have been embarrassing. I haven't used the cookbook in about six or seven years. I'll have to break it out again. I guess I was hoping this thread could turn into odd or different recipes from Julia. I see she has a hamburgers and french fry recipe.

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                MC - funny aside; I met Julia Child in the ladies room at a food writer's conference here in Seattle back in the 80's. It was too classic.. we were on a break in the conference, so of course there was a line at the ladies room nearby. I was next to go in the inner door to the actual restroom. Julia came out at the same time.

                She was SO tall, and her face was all dotted with liver spots, but that big cheery grin in place. She did her trademark chortle laugh, and was like 'oh oh, excuse me, I seem to be holding you all up, hee hee!". So funny. Never forgot that moment:)

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                  just saw this! what a great experience!

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                    I sold her a zip code book at a bookstore where I was a clerk when I was in my early twenties. I tried not to curtsey but may have. I know I practically leapt over the counter when she came in.

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                  LuLu, first of all, I love your screen name.
                  I'll also second to being jealous of you meeting her.
                  I'd have loved to have met her, I think she was incredible.

                3. i suppose scandinavian doesn't qualify as "ethnic," per the op (where's Thew when you need him?)

                  but here is julia's take on gravlax:

                  even in this ^ recipe, julia replaced the more "authentic" aquavit/vodka w cognac!

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                    That recipe with the cognac is SOOO good! go for it!

                  2. Guests on her Baking With Julia included a couple that studied flat breads around the world, including Tibet

                    1. I remember her making spaghetti sauce on The French Chef. She admitted to being unfamiliar with the finer points of Italian cookery and therefore did not take liberties with the recipe she was following. As I recall, it was super basic. I am sure she enjoyed eating other cuisines, but that's a far cry from being comfortable enough with them to create recipes. And don't forget that she didn't learn to cook until middle age, and never worked in a restaurant.

                      1. Back in her day, wasn't French cuisine "ethnic" cuisine for most Americans?

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                          I thought is was what all fancy restaurants aspired to serve. Even menus in gold rush San Francisco used French menu names.

                        2. From 1982 through 1986 Julia Child was the food editor of the Parade Sunday newspaper supplement magazine.

                          Here's a link to the Apr 18, 1982 issue. Julia Child's recipes included Lamb Kabobs, Syrian Bulgur Wheat Salad and Moussaka.

                          Parade Magazine, 4/18/1982 - Click on small magnifying glass tool to zoom out, drag screen with mouse to scroll around newspaper page:

                          Here's another article with a link to Hominy Au Gratin. Jul 18, 1982

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                            Julia Child's Black Bean Gazpacho - Oct 16, 1983 in Parade magazine:

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                                Julia Child's Tortilla Pizzas & Guacamole - May 20, 1984

                                Julia Child's Egg Burritos Aug 25, 1985

                                Julia Child's Chinese Manicotti Sep 22, 1985

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                                  Antilope, where 'do' you find all of these?
                                  You must have worked all your life at a Newspaper no?
                                  Either way, so appreciate your efforts to always find answers for us who are on the 'need to know recipe list' > that'd always be 'me'............ :)

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                                    yeah Antilope, totally opened my eyes!

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                                      Julia Child's Parade magazine article on Hamburgers Jul 18, 1982

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                                        Antilope, these are excellent! I am making Chinese Manicotti this weekend! They sound really different and good!

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                                      Julia Child Parade magazine cooking articles (with recipes) from 1982 to 1986 - While she was the Parade Food Editor. She wrote an article a month from Feb 1982 through March 1986. I have listed different newspapers because the records are not complete and all newspapers are missing some Sunday articles. Between all of the newspapers we have online access to all of her articles.

                                      Google Browse Newspapers

                                      (If you can't find an article let me know here and I will post a direct link to that article).

                                      St. Joseph News-Press Feb 28, 1982 Cut up a Chicken, Saute a Chicken 3 recipes, Apple Tart

                                      St. Joseph News-Press Mar 21, 1982 Ham, Split Pea Soup, Ham & Eggs on Turnip Cakes, Ham Stuffed Cabbage Rolls, Granny Potato Gratin with Ham, Spinach Packets (Subrics), Mashed potatoes, tea,

                                      St. Joseph News-Press Apr 17, 1982 - Leg of Lamb, Lamb soup, kabobs, Syrian Bulgur Salad, Steamed eggplant, Moussaka, Green Beans, Stuffed Potatoes,

                                      St. Joseph News-Press May 16, 1982 - Cakes - Santa Clara Apricot Layer Cake, Le Delice de Montecito Chocolate almond Cake, Spinach recipe correction, French Butter Cream Frosting

                                      St. Joseph News-Press Jun 27, 1982 Fish, 5 Fish dishes, salmon, Trout, Mediterranean Fish Soup, Pattypans squash with stuffing

                                      St. Joseph News-Press Jul 18, 1982 - Hamburgers, Sauce for Burgers, Steak Tartar, Hominy Au Gratin, Homemade Buns, Baked Onions

                                      St. Joseph News-Press Aug 22, 1982 - Salads, Mayonnaise, chicken/turkey salad, green beans, Dressings, oil & vinegar, French Dressing, French Potato Salad,

                                      St. Joseph News-Press Sep 19, 1982 - Paella, Rice Custard, Bay Hot Rice Salad, Hudson Bay Rice Salad, Louisiana Bavarian,

                                      St. Joseph News-Press Oct 17, 1982 - Roast Leg of Pork, Braised Rice in Onions (Soubise), Brussels Sprouts, Prune and Apple Garnish, Beehive Cake,

                                      St. Joseph News-Press Nov 14, 1982 - Turkey, Rice Sausage Stuffing, Gibley Gravy, Cranberry Relish, Onions in Cream, Broccoli, Aunt Helen's Fluffy Pumpkin Pie, Useful Kitchen tools

                                      St. Joseph News-Press Dec 12, 1982 - Peanut Brittle, chocolate amaretti Truffles, French Honey Spice Cake, Wrapped Duck Pate, Couques & Palmiers Cookies,

                                      Reading Eagle pg 177,Jan 30, 1983 - Braised Sauerkraut and Pork, Oysters with Spinach & Bacon, Homemade Sausage, Pear & Custard Tart, Perfect Pork Chop, Braised Red Cabbage,

                                      Reading Eagle pg 155 Feb 27, 1983 - Chunky Beef & Garlic in Red wine, Zinfandel of Beef, Turkey Stew with Vegetables - Turkey Blanquette, March Hare Rabbit in Herbs & Wine, Upside Down Apple Tart, Meatloaf from Stew leftovers,

                                      St. Joseph News-Press - Mar 20, 1983 Easter Buffets, Glazed Chicken & Jellied Eggs, Herbal anyfish in aspic, Chocolate Mousse,Eggs in Aspic, Chicken in wine, Chicken Liver Mousse,

                                      St. Joseph News-Press - Apr 17, 1983 - Crepes Suzette, Crepes & Lobster, Crepes Creamy Chicken roll up, Lemon Souffle Crepes, Crepe Roulades, Crepes Souffle Mariposa,

                                      St. Joseph News-Press/gazette - May 22, 1983; Scalloped Potatoes in Cream, Celery Victor, Crisp Parcels of Duck, Asparagus, Enormous Cream Puff Au Chocolat,

                                      The Modesto Bee pg 42 - Jun 26, 1983; Fish Fillets Duglere, Sole Bonne Femme, Fishermans Salad, Fluted Mushrooms, Fresh Strawberry Sherbet,

                                      The Modesto Bee - Jul 31, 1983 pg 42; Molded Eggplant Souffle, Skewered Shrimp, Butterflied Chicken, Hot Corn Salad, Toasted Tortillas, Big Fruit Bowl,

                                      The Modesto Bee - Aug 28, 1983 pg 39; Dream Sundae, Strawberry Ice Cream Soda, Chocolate Ice Cream Soda, Multi-Layered Ice Cream Cake, Chocolate Sauce,

                                      The Pittsburgh Press - Sep 18, 1983 pg 196; Sandwiches; White Sandwich Bread, Croque Monsieur, Croque Madame, Croque Supreme, Nicoise Salad Ring, Grilled Onion,

                                      The Modesto Bee - Oct 16, 1983 pg 47; Boston Baked Beans & Brown Bread, Black Bean Gazpacho, Lamb Shanks & Beans, Bean Brandade, Autumn Salad, Easy Apple Compote

                                      The Modesto Bee - Nov 13, 1983 pg 41; Soup in a Pumpkin, Turkey Breast boned and roasted, Cranberry Chutney, Sprouts & Potatoes, Mincemeat Tart.

                                      Anchorage Daily News - Dec 10, 1983 Roast Beef, Yorkshire Pudding, Angel Hair Squash, Sprigs of Broccoli, Rolled Orange & Almond Cake. Oyster Bisque, Horseradish Sauce, Christmas Roulade

                                      Youngstown Vindicator - Jan 8, 1984 Cornish Game hens, New England Clam Chowder, Zucchini Saute, Baked Onions, Chocolate Souffle.

                                      Youngstown Vindicator - Feb 5, 1984 Corned Beef en Daube, Steamed Winter Vegetables, Scallops in Herbs & Wine, Charlotte of Apples

                                      St. Joseph News-Press - Mar 11, 1984 City Scrapple, Cornish Pasties, Codfish Balls, Vegetable Ragout

                                      Youngstown Vindicator - Apr 15, 1984 Truss a chicken, Roast a chicken, Carve a chicken, Carmel Custard

                                      The Modesto Bee - May 20, 1984 Tortilla Pizzas, Guacamole, Bananas Flambe, Fast Beef Saute

                                      The Modesto Bee - Jun 24, 1984 Cheese Wafers, Cool Cucumber soup, Crown Mousse of Trout, Madeleine Cookies

                                      The Modesto Bee - Jul 15, 1984 Quiche, Dough, Fillings, Spinach, Sausage & Onion, Tomatoe Provencale, Cheese Bacon, Shrimp

                                      The Modesto Bee - Aug 26, 1984 Calzone Pizza Turnover, Spicy Salsa, Lemonade, Perfect Meatloaf, Harlequin Coleslaw, Small Almond Cakes

                                      The Modesto Bee - Sep 23, 1984 Chicken wings on a savory stuffing under the skin, butter poached chicken with tomato sauce & herbs, Sliced Sauted Quick Crisp, Creamy Zucchini,

                                      The Modesto Bee - Oct 21, 1984 Your Own French bread, dough, Fat round loaves, hard rolls, long loaves, baking directions

                                      St. Joseph News-Press - Nov 11, 1984 Turkey, Scalloped Oysters, Chesnuts, Stuffed Squash, Pumpkin Souffle, Hot Mincemeat Sauce.

                                      The Modesto Bee - Dec 16, 1984 Spiced Cookie Dough, Applesauce Fruitcake, Holiday Lasagna, Ham Cider Syllabub

                                      The Modesto Bee - Jan 20, 1985 Cream of chicken soup, Beef and Vegetable soup, Split Pea Soup, New England Lobster stew, Corn sticks

                                      The Modesto Bee - Feb 24, 1985 Steak, Chocolate Almond Cake, Stuffed Peppers, Duchess Potatoes, Vegetable Julienne

                                      St. Joseph News-Press - Mar 23, 1985 Pastry, Puff Pastry Dough, Pie & Tart Dough, Puffed rectangles, Open faced tarts

                                      St. Joseph News-Press - Apr 28, 1985 Rolled Souffle with several fillings, Fresh Asparagus, Fancy Individual Strawberry Tart, Handmade Pie & Cookie Dough,

                                      St. Joseph News-Press - May 19, 1985 Spring Lamb Stew, Artichokes, Polenta, Meringue in Rum Custard Sauce Floating Island,

                                      The Modesto Bee - Jun 23, 1985 Poached Fish, Avocado Appetizer, Salmon & Cucumber sauce, Fish Fillets Florentine, White Butter Sauce, Biscuits Tortoni

                                      The Modesto Bee - Jul 21, 1985 BBQ Ribs with secret sauce, Lentil salad, Classic Ratatouille, Pineapple Sherbet with Almond Cookies

                                      The Modesto Bee - Aug 25, 1985 Saucy Scrambled Egg Burritos, Easy Country Pate, Homemade Coffee Cake, Spicy Sticky-Buns

                                      The Modesto Bee - Sep 22, 1985 Stuffed Braised Cabbage, Stuffed Brisket - Breast of Veal, Chinese Manicotti,

                                      St. Joseph News-Press - Oct 13, 1985 Step by Step Dream Cake - The Cambridge Cake filled and frosted mocha butter cream and chocolate. Butter Cream.

                                      St. Joseph News-Press - Nov 17, 1985 Turkey Preparations & Roasting, Nesselrode Ice Cream, Gratin of Rutabaga, Lace Cookies, Cranberry Sauce,

                                      The Pittsburgh Press - Dec 15, 1985 Christmas Goose, Celery Remoulade, Plum Pudding, Puree of Yams, Shrimp in Vinaigrette, Steam Roasted Goose, Zabione Sauce

                                      The Modesto Bee - Jan 26, 1986 Apple Desserts, Apple Snow, Applesauce, Caramel Sauce, Oven-Baked apple slices, Apple Crepes, Apple and Almond Pizza, Apple Mountain

                                      The Modesto Bee - Feb 23, 1986 Savory Beef Dinner, Mushrooms a l Escargot, Slow Roasted Brisket of Beef, Lady Fingers, Vanilla Ice Cream Mold.

                                      The Modesto Bee - Mar 23, 1986 Your Own Miracel Mix, Choux Pastry, To Make Puffs, Cheese Dumplings, Cream Puffs & Eclairs, Saint Honore Dessert, Warm Chocolate sauce

                                    3. Antilope, Thank you so much for these! I love what she says about Guacamole - "Leave some texture, it should not be a smooth baby food."

                                      1. I don't know where you picked that up about Mexican food. Julia grew up in Southern California (went to my high school!) and I've heard one of her favorite restaurants later on was El Super Rica Tacos in Santa Barbara.

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                                          I read it online somewhere. You know if it's online, it must be true.

                                        2. Interesting recipes from antilope's list - BBQ Ribs with secret sauce, Gibley Gravy, Cranberry Relish, Chicken wings on a savory stuffing under the skin, Paella, Holiday Lasagna, Louisiana Bavarian, new england clam chowder.

                                          Here are the ribs..

                                          1. I understand from reading the many books I own about her, her cooking, & her life in general, that while she loved eating Chinese food, she didn't care much for cooking it.

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                                              Does pita bread count? She made it and used it to make little pizzas in Julia Child and Company.