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Apr 5, 2012 07:04 PM

Any Julia Child recipes for ethnic, mexican or italian food?

Just wondering. Would love to try them. "Ethnic" meaning Indian, Thai, Chinese. What about southern or soul food? She must have a fried chicken recipe. I hear she wasn't so fond of Mexican food, not sure if that is true.

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  1. Julia was all about french food.

    1. I've read that she loved Chinese food (she and her husband Paul were stationed in China when they were both in the OSS) and eating it abroad it actually awakened her interest in food, but she believed mastering French techniques would enable you to cook any other types of cuisines. i haven't seen any evidence that she had any Chinese recipes, though....

      1. If you want to find any Julia non-French recipes, I think your best bet would be cookbook(s) or website (s) for her Cooking with Master Chefs or other programs she did later in life, long after The French Chef.

        1. She was pretty true to her French training. A few of her later cookbooks do nod towards American, but she never really veered from french techniques and flavors.

          1. Thanks for the replies. I'm guessing these are all of her books?

            I have "The Way to Cook" and "mastering the art.." sidenote: I met JC maybe end of 2000 or early 2001 and told her my favorite cookbook in the world was "The Way to Cook" and she proceeded to ask me in detail about all my favorite recipes in it. Good thing I wasn't lying to suck up to her, I was able to answer, otherwise it would have been embarrassing. I haven't used the cookbook in about six or seven years. I'll have to break it out again. I guess I was hoping this thread could turn into odd or different recipes from Julia. I see she has a hamburgers and french fry recipe.

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                MC - funny aside; I met Julia Child in the ladies room at a food writer's conference here in Seattle back in the 80's. It was too classic.. we were on a break in the conference, so of course there was a line at the ladies room nearby. I was next to go in the inner door to the actual restroom. Julia came out at the same time.

                She was SO tall, and her face was all dotted with liver spots, but that big cheery grin in place. She did her trademark chortle laugh, and was like 'oh oh, excuse me, I seem to be holding you all up, hee hee!". So funny. Never forgot that moment:)

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                  just saw this! what a great experience!

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                    I sold her a zip code book at a bookstore where I was a clerk when I was in my early twenties. I tried not to curtsey but may have. I know I practically leapt over the counter when she came in.

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                  LuLu, first of all, I love your screen name.
                  I'll also second to being jealous of you meeting her.
                  I'd have loved to have met her, I think she was incredible.