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Apr 5, 2012 05:07 PM

Atlantic City...reccomendations?

Well I am going to Atlantic City- optionally? that is questionable.
But my family wants a nice casual lunch on Saturday. And I presume a fancy dinner.
But that city scares me...any good reccomendations? please?
does anyone even go there dreaming of italy...sigh

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  1. My husband and I will be heading down to AC next week at some point for a lunch or dinner. We'll be going to Carmine's in the French Quarter at Tropicana simply because we like their food. It isn't gourmet Italian but it is yummy. We'll be having the Carmine's Salad and Porterhouse special.

    1. My favorite is Bobby Flay Steak for a nice dinner (expensive, but worth it). For a casual lunch, my favorite is the Irish Pub.
      I've also had a nice dinner at Cuba Libre in the Trop.

      1. See the bottom of the pages for other AC reccommendations. There are so many options and not all of them are located in casinos. One place I would like to try due to some good reviews on this board is Kelsey and Kim's Soul Food. But it will be a busy weekend for the shore due to the holidays and people checking out Revel. I would choose a place and try to get a reservation.

        1. No need to be afraid of AC. Great place to eat, drink, gamble, and entertainment, My favorite non-casino restaurants are Knife & Fork, Dock's Oyster House, and Angeloni's.

          1. Casual lunch definately Kelsey & Kim's the best southern food I have had in NJ hands down! Their fried chicken beats all others and beef brisket was very tasty as well, sides amazing, BYOB or just skip the booze for lunch. Fancy Dinner? I agree with Knife & Fork or if you want to be within a casino we love Morton's.