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Apr 5, 2012 05:05 PM

Anyone Par Cook Leg of Lamb Before?

I'm preparing Leg of Lamb for Easter, which we are having at my Sister in-laws. Oven space at her home will be at a premium, so I was thinking of Roasting the Leg of Lamb to 120 degrees in the morning, covering it and then finishing it off at her place by bringing it up to 135-140.

Anyone par cooked Leg of Lamb before? What has been your experience? I'm concerned that when I pull the lamb out after the 1st part of cooking that the blood/juices will run out and that it will be dry when I finish it off later in the day.

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  1. I have done a two step cooking process by searing/crisping a boned out, butterflied leg of lamb on our big green egg over a roaring fire to grille/char the exterior. Four minutes first side the three minutes second side. Removed to a roasting pan and loosely tented for 30 minutes until cooled. Went uncovered into a low 300 degree oven until temperature probe read 130 degrees.....approximately 30 minutes for a 4 lb leg. Let rest 15 minutes before slicing. Absolute perfection, medium rare, juicy, crispy char on exterior.

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      That's definitely a thought. My full preparation of the leg is going to be a chestnut stuffing and I'm trimming it down to only 3# because I'm feeding 5 people. Maybe I'll give a good sear on one side, let it cool, stuff it, tie it and roast for 25 minutes at 350.