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Apr 5, 2012 04:55 PM

Best Fort Worth Dessert possibly near west 7th.

I'm on the quest for an amazing dessert in Fort worth!

My husband and I are celebrating our anniversary next Thursday and want to enjoy a different coarse at a different place. We know we will end up at Times Ten wine Cellar at West 7th so this place would be ideally somewhere near that area, but of course anywhere in Fort worth will do. Dessert is worth a drive. We have a son and go to all the local yogurt shops and sweet sammies with him often so we want somewhere a little more romantic and different for this date. Somewhere we don't u sally get to go. It can be a restaurant that just has good dessert or a bakery. Just something a bit different and VERY yummy!


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  1. Understanding the seating is extremely limited - the chocolate mousse at Nonna Tata is outrageously decadent - most any of her desserts are. You could get it to go and enjoy it across the street with a cup of tea or coffee at Avoca.

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      Agree that is very good. Other options ... the bread pudding at Sapristi! and the caramelized banana sundae at Bonnell's. Also the coconut cream pie at Lambert's.

    2. When we celebrate a special day we drive from Arlington to the west side off vickery called "Swiss Bakery". The black forest cake is to die for! My family has to have it for birthdays, christmas,Thanksgiving. Its just so darn good. Loaded with shaved chocolate,whip cream and nothing like you've had before in Black Forest Cake (No Cherries). I know your anniversary is over but next time you want a Spectaular dessert drive over to Swiss Bakery. off Montgomery and Vickery. About 1/2 mile from there.

      1. I second the Black Forest Cake at Swiss Pastry Shop. I first had this scrumptious dessert at a wedding sometime in the late '90s in Fort Worth. I skipped the wedding cake and went straight to the groom's cake. I couldn't resist the piled up whipped cream covered with bits and curls of chocolate. This is by far the best cake I've ever eaten; light and creamy, like edible clouds of wonder.
        I live in Dallas, but whenever I plan a trip to Fort Worth, I call ahead and order a cake, with ice chest in tow. It's a very delicate cake and must be refrigerated.
        I've searched a long time to find the recipe and recently found two. I made a similar meringue cake recently, but I've yet to try either of these recipes. Since you'll be making your meringues, you can shape them however you'd like: circle, square, rectangle, heart. Happy baking!

        Recipe #1 (This one sounds more like "the" cake)

        Recipe #2 (plus a couple others included


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          Wow that sounds good too! Alot of work. Can you imagine how many cakes and eggs they crack at the shop? Anytime I have a special occasion I head for the Swiss Bakery! I just celebrated my 60th birthday and my family had a surprize party. Guess what the Cake was!! Yep and it was sooooooo good......