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Apr 5, 2012 04:51 PM

Elm Restaurant in New Canaan

Has anyone been yet? There was a great write up and pics on CT Bites, but I can't find a menu anywhere. I'm curious to see what the options are and what the pricing is. Thanks

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  1. We was delicious...the pricing and stuff is talked about in the CT Bites changes all the time but you can get a good sense of what they have from that article as well.

    1. While the food at Elm might be the best in Fairfield County, the front of house needs plenty of work. Our server seemed very confused and really couldn't explain the dishes on the menu. Service is way to rushed. Menu handed to you even before you order drinks. Below average Amuse,might as well not serve it. Some sort of chip. Sent 2 emails prior to dining about the tasting menu, no response. Sent an email after dining no response. If they had bothered to reply we would have ordered the tasting menu instead of a la carte. Tried to place a take out order and was told it would be sent immediately. Never arrived and was told by assr. Mgr just to look at the web site. Which is not current.

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        Wow. I just recommended Elm in a different thread today. I have never personally had an experience like yours, which makes me wonder whether it was a bad day or if there is an ongoing front-of-house problem. Either way, it sounds as though there was no effort to rectify your problem, which is a management issue under any circumstance.

      2. I love the food. Their just not very customer friendly.