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Apr 5, 2012 04:50 PM

re-shuffle of chefs @ chez panisse

just read about chef changes @ chez panisse


wonder if anyone has any "inside scoop" --or speculation--re what, if anything that might mean for the fare.

ok by me, if it stays the same (i'm a fan). but could image differences, w/ kitchens under new stewardship.

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  1. Sounds pretty evolutionary from what little info we are given. Likely to be a good thing to to infuse some new actors onto a familiar stage.

    But the news that caught my attention was that Sandbox Bakery is taking the reins of Liberty Cafe's bakery, and that she'll be making bread there. Hallelujah! Can't wait to savor that. Has the potential to make Matsumi's understatedly mind-blowing menu at 903 even stronger too.

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      BernalKC, could you expand on "Matsumi's understatedly mind-blowing menu at 903" please?

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        Mutsumi Takehara is the owner of Sandbox Bakery. she's the former pastry chef @ Slanted Door

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          Mutsumi Takehara is the baker who started Sandbox Bakery. Some of her pastries are fusion-y adventures that I like even if I don't have a familiarity with the genre. I am above all a raving fan of her croissants and scones. She took over the space vacated by Maggie Mudd's departure and gave it the rather dry name of 903 Cortland. Its a very compact space with just three communal tables and a suitably compact menu with 2-3 entrees and a few sandwiches, salads, and sides. Its a very family friendly establishment that also does a good take away business. Great addition to the neighborhood that I have not written about because I want it to keep it in the 'hood! Here she's able to explore her eclectic tastes in a menu that has been changing and evolving and just getting better and better in the short time its been around. But one thing has always been missing from Mitsumi's repertoire: breads. So as a big fan of everything she's done so far (and her husband, who has done occasional pop-up barbeque days that are now integrated into the 903 menu) I'm excited at the prospect of her having a proper bread bakery to work with.

      2. Alice Waters has never been the chef but her taste defines the place, and they're promoting people who've been there a while. I've never noticed any big change in style from previous changes.

        Same topic from last year when David Tanis took the NY Times job: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/784152