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Apr 5, 2012 04:37 PM

Casual lunch/dinner and bakeries in Columbus? (esp. Worthington area)

I am staying in Columbus for a week and am looking for any local can't miss, casual and carry-out type spots.

On a previous visit, I have been to Chutney's Indian because it is near my hotel (verdict: only ok), and Los Gauchos (yummy gringas al pastor) and Jeni's Ice Cream (omg!!! 3 mini scoops of salted caramel, black coffee, and dark chocolate- definitely going back!) that I discovered from reading reviews online.

I especially like authentic ethnic foods, or anything local and unique. Looking more for casual/carryout places, not really sit-down upscale restaurants since I am on my own. I am staying in the Worthington area, so that would be most convenient, but I don't mind driving a bit, it is fun to explore some different parts of town.

Also, any suggestions for bakeries for cupcakes or cookies? I was planning to get some kind of goody to give as a thank-you gift. I was thinking of Blue Frost in Worthington but saw it got mixed reviews?

Thanks for any and all suggestions!

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  1. For cookies, maybe you can head down to German Village and pick up some macarons from Pistacia Vera.

    For ethnic foods, you might want to head east from Worthington on 161 to Cleveland Avenue to the Columbus Square area, which include Mi Li (Vietnamese/want to try) and Nazareth Deli (have tried/want to eat there again). Another place along the way that I want to sample is Helen's Kitchen (near 161 and I-71) , which apparently is the only place in the area with Chinese soup dumplings.

    1. I'd rather receive something from La Chatelaine than a cupcake.

      627 North High St.
      (614) 848-6711

      1. Pink Moon Cupcake Bakery in Powell. Crazy good. I get them for my staff occasionally and they are very appreciated.

        1. Buckeye Pho Asian Kitchen on Bethel is really good. You could eat at the counter or get carryout. Very good Vietnamese food, and it has really nice, modern decor. It's on Bethel Road in the shopping center with the Kmart right by 315. I think it's 761 Bethel.

          1. Thanks for the recs everyone! It's always good to know where the locals eat. I hardly know where to begin now! :) Will definitely try several on the list.