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Apr 5, 2012 04:36 PM

Best wings in Buffalo.

Can anyone chime in on the best wings in Buffalo? I love Bar Bills wing's but too far out of the way. Anything near Cheektowaga? Any comments would be helpful.

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    1. re: laivedakins

      Tried Anchor Bar's wings and they were underwhelming.

      1. re: callitasicit

        Going back on Wednesday. Looking forward to trying some new wing joints.

    2. I don't live in Buffalo, but travel there for work fairly often. I like Gabriel's Gate the best for wings. My husband's favorite is Duff's. I have tried many places in town. Hope that helps.

        1. re: fmdualexhaust

          I like both anchor & Duff's, but I especially like Duff's nicer location in Eastern hill Mall.

        2. I'm reluctant to travel all the way to NY for Duff's since we have 3 locations in Toronto, Canada, but is the difference noteworthy? I've been to Bar Bill, but would like to try another great Buffalo wing place near Amherst or Niagara Falls. Honey's and Anchor are a "no" in my books. What about Gabriels Gate - is it better than Bar Bill or Duff's? We want Buffalo style not other type of wings. Thanks.

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          1. re: Food Tourist

            I Think the original Duff's location has some amazing wings. Other locations have paled in comparison greatly. But in the end I do think Bar Bill has the best.

            1. re: roze

              What is the address of the original? Sheridan?