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Dec 9, 2002 03:25 PM

turducken- sacramento

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does anyone know where i can get turducken already made in sacramento?

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  1. I would be highly and pleasantly surprised if there was a source for this in Sacramento.
    As far as I know Turducken can be ordered from Paul Prudhomme's website or a variety of other Cajun specialty mail order houses.
    Comeaux's butcher store in Lafayette, Louisiana advertised them a year ago as well.
    Or, if you are ambitious you can always bone a Turkey, a Duck and a Chicken yourself and get the "I did it my way" feeling.

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    1. re: Marion

      hey heres a link from the bay area board.


    2. It isn't Sacramento, but it's a lot closer than Louisiana. There's a guy in Alameda who makes an excellent Turducken. Here's the link:


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      1. re: Nancy Berry

        Only problem is he doesn't ship, you'd have to make a trip to Alameda.

      2. You can buy it frozen at Albertsons. I saw it once at Trader Joes but don't know if they carfry it as a general rule.

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        1. re: Karolyn

          I checked with two Albertson's, the one at Folsom Blvd. and the one on Marconi Ave. neither one had Turducken or was planning on getting it in for the holidays.
          Now that you all have me salivating for this thing I am curious and sort of must have it, soon..
          One of the store directors is checking for me to see if it can be special ordered.
          I will post if I am successfull.

          1. re: Marion

            did you try trader joes? i had just been there the day before it was suggested and refused to go back before christmas. i also tried the albertsons at loehmanns and they didn't have any. i checked picadilly circus too. i also called sandra dees as they will deep fry etc so took the chance but they said no also

            1. re: tonya casmo

              Tried Trader Joe's, no luck there, they told me that they had none and could not order it. I did not push it at the time because I thought I had Albertson's to fall back onto.
              I do have to go to the Bay area at some point soon, IKEA etc. so at that time I could just pop up to Alameda to pick one or two of these critters up.
              I could make it a "Turducken Run."
              So, e-mail me if interested, as far as I could make out they run about 75.- per Turducken, given choices of stuffing and sauces.

            2. re: Marion

              I'm sorry that Albertsons doesn't carry them anymore. I did buy one last year from the Albertsons in Camellia Shopping Center - or could it have been while it was still Lucky's? Who knows?

          2. Taylor's Market will special order this, or so I've been told. I think they're about $75 a pop.

            1. I San Diego, Major Market (IGA in Escondido, same parking lot as Trader Joes) has had them during the holidays for years. Some show up in the Freezer section in Jan/Feb.

              I don't like the premade ones; all the same stuffings...when Emeril makes it, each bird has its own complimentary (to the particular bird) stuffing.