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Apr 5, 2012 03:00 PM

Kinder Eggs?

I know they are (or at least were) technically not supposed to be imported but I am sure that I recently saw some and I can't remember where. PFI and Cost Plus World Market don't have them, Uwajimaya has been out for a while, Central Market didn't know what they were. I can't think where else to look.

Any leads are appreciated.

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  1. As in Kinder Surprise eggs ?

    A quick Google says Bavarian Meat Deli in downtown has them:

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    1. re: LotusRapper

      Yeah, I tried that (Google) :D and even searched out a distributer. I think what I'm after is someone/place who self imported them somehow. I know I saw them somewhere, maybe one of the Asian markets? Maybe it was even Lynnwood or Renton.

      All joking aside, thanks for making the effort, Bavarian hasn't had them in quite sometime.

    2. Pretty sure Alpenland in Mercer Island has them. Plan your trip for a Friday (maybe Thursdays too) and you can get their AWESOME fresh pretzels, or pretzels rolls, which is my preference.

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      1. re: GreenYoshi

        I haven't ever been there and would never have thought of them! Thanks for the kind suggestion.

        Unfortunately for me a phone call proved there will be no reason for me to hit I90 and I was so looking forward to a reason to trek across for a pretzel roll.

      2. The import of kinder eggs has been banned in the US due to the choking possibility posed to kids in this country. Anyone or any store importing them is running a huge risk ...

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        1. re: firecracker

          Yes, true for the Surprise Eggs which has a little toy (ala cracker jacks) hidden inside. The Egg that I saw is the newer more FDA friendly version that has a comic or some such inside; it is a version of a Kinder Surprise Egg (same size, same two layers of milk and white chocolate, pretty similar wrapping - typical Kinder). I think they make them co-branded with animated movies.

          In any case, I saw a big display of them somewhere I occasionally but not typically go. It may not have been a food store.

          Still looking if anyone knows of a place. At this point I would consider using any hollow chocolate (preferably dark) egg that is at least the size of a chicken egg and no bigger than a goose egg.


          1. re: cburnsi

            Sounds like the "new and improved" Kinder Eggs are a better deal for the little ones. Thanks for updating me on that one.

            I think I'd let my fingers do the walking (cheaper than driving right now). Have you tried the specialty chocolate and sweets shops around The Market , Country Village or Gilman Village yet? If you're looking for them for Easter, some places may be sold out already.

            Good luck, cburnsi!

            1. re: firecracker

              There are no such 'improved' Kinder Surprise Eggs. The Choking risk (for the FDS) exists even with the comic.

              1. re: meatnveg

                This is one of the recent Kinder toys we got in our egg:


          2. re: firecracker

            We have them here in Vancouver, sold at almost all supermarkets and convenience stores. Health Canada I guess has not imposed such strict guidelines on them.

            BUT just so you guys know, the surprises (toys) now come in different formats, made of larger pieces, often paper or larger pieces of plastics, constructing toys that are easier to make and seem to pose little or no risks to toddlers/infants. But don't take my word for it.

            We buy it about twice a month for our 6 year-old and are impressed with the new toy ideas Kinder has come up with.

            But in the end, maybe DHS still doesn't like them ;-)

            1. re: LotusRapper

              Thanks for sharing that, Lotus. Sometimes, the US oversteps its intended boundaries in an effort to protect everyone. I get a little balky at the over-protection attitude at times. I know it's well intentioned, but it's also overbearing.

              Apparently your 6 y.o. is none the worse for eating the chocolate delights!

              1. re: LotusRapper

                our friends from sob (south of the border) invade London Drugs to stock up on Kinder product. There's one on the way to Whistler for all the WA license plates coming up this way on the 99 (sea to sky hiway)

                1. re: Georgia Strait

                  Maybe I should buy them in case lots and set up a road side stand at the Tourism BC booth ;-)

                  You can let your sob friends (LOL) know there's 2 London Drugs in S. Surrey on either side of Hwy 99 and 24 Ave:


                  1. re: LotusRapper

                    A friend of mine got caught with them at the border. The experience scared them off Kinder Egg smuggling for life! I am not kidding.

                      1. re: sweetpotater

                        Two weeks ago I brought 6 down to a friend in Oregon ......

              2. I believe I saw them at International Deli in Bellevue.

                1. Um, hope wasn't any of you here who did the deed ;-)