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Apr 5, 2012 02:49 PM

Two of four

I know this isn't an apples to apples comparison, but if you were from out of town and likely to make it to SF about once a decade, which two would you choose of the following:

BoDeGa Bistro

As an added input, we already have Manresa, Saison, Adesso/Dopo, and Swan's Oyster Depot (for old times' sake) on our itinerary.

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  1. I would go to La Cicca and Aziza just for the uniqueness factor.

    1. Skip Bodega Bistro. Between Cotogna, La Ciccia, and Aziza, I'd vote Aziza and Cotogna, but all three are really great.

      1. Cotogna and La Ciccia, personally. Aziza's gone a bit Michelin-y for my taste.

        1. Aziza stands out amongst the rest, so that's the easy pick.

          I'd then go to La Ciccia after swapping Dopo for Cotogna. We're in spring now, and the online menu at Cotogna is looking a lot more interesting than the one at Dopo. It's true that you'd be hard pressed to find a place with as diverse a salumi selection at Dopo's sister place Adesso.

          I nixed Bodega Bistro because, other than Banh Mi, Vietnamese doesn't excite me as much as Thai or Burmese.

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            On Adesso's current sample menu I count 38 salumi plus seven pâtés. You'd be hard pressed to find that selection at any three other places.

            Dopo and Cotogna are my two favorites of that thriving local school of casual pizza- / pasta-centric Cal-italian. They're more like each other than either is like La Ciccia.

          2. I'd pick Aziza and La Ciccia. I like Cotogna but I think La Ciccia would be a much more memorable experience for someone from out of town. Maybe check out the menus for La Ciccia and Cotogna and see which one seems more interesting to you.