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Apr 5, 2012 02:35 PM

Lunch at Isan Thai in Sarasota today

We had a lovely lunch today at the new Isan Thai in Sarasota. The crab rangoon and Fresh Spring Rolls were good choices for starters. I had the salad which was fresh with a pleasing dressing without oil. The Pad Thai was delicious and the Panang Curry was yummy and generous with pork and veggies. We will be back. Service was was quiet which is such a treat (we hate the music usually played in local restaurants).

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  1. Good review, thank you. How was the heat level in the Panang? I will skip my usual pho place and try Isan next week.

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      So I broke out the usual Vietnamese routine for lunch today and tried Isan today - it was excellent quality food: prepared to order fresh rolls with shrimp, Panang curry with tons of veg - served 'Thai hot' as I asked, which usually happens only after visting a place a few times. Really flavorful as well. Great service and authentic setting. Definitely the go-to Thai place in Sarasota!