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Apr 5, 2012 01:55 PM

Country Sweet Chicken and RIbs Sauce [moved from New York State board]

I used to live in Rochester and I am looking for a recipe as close as possible to the hot sauce used on the chicken wings at the Country Sweet restaurants. I know that Wegmans sells it but I am hundreds of miles from a Wegmans! And I'd rather not pay shipping. Does anyone have a recipe or know the "secret" ingredients?

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  1. There are a few on these listed if you Google it, here is one:

    Here is a very close recipe for Boss Sauce (Country Sweet Sauce).

    Wing Sauce

    1. 2 Cups cider vinegar.
    2. 1 ¼ Cups sugar.
    3. 6 oz. Honey (add more for thicker sweater sauce).
    4. 6 oz. Mustard.
    5. 2oz. Ketchup.
    6. 3oz. Frank’s Red-Hot. ( Texas Pete )
    7. 1ea. 6 oz. can crushed pineapple. Puree in blender.
    8. Crushed red pepper flakes, your choice. 2 Tbs. = Med.

    1. Combine first 3 ingredients and use medium heat until sugar is dissolved and watery.
    2. Then add the next 3 ingredients.
    3. Drain pineapple and puree in blender then add to sauce.
    4. Add Red pepper flakes and bring mixture to boil. ( Caution: Boils over easily.)
    5. Add 1Tsp. Cornstarch and water to boiling sauce to thicken.
    6. Add 6-8 ice cubes to cool then simmer ½ hour.

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