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Apr 5, 2012 12:50 PM

New to using a slow cooker---Easter ham in it?

OK, I've been cooking for over 30 years, but I can count one one hand the number of times I've used a slow cooker. Anyway, I have a 4.5 lb. boneless smoked ham I want to cook for Easter dinner. Was thinking about just putting some pineapple in the bottom, then the ham on top. Here are my silly questions:
1. Will this work?
2. Do I need to add any liquid?
3. Do I cook it on high or low?
4. For how long?

Thanks! And a Happy Easter/Passover to all!

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  1. I've had ham from a slow-cooker once not too long ago—it was a (probably) store-brand spiral-cut ham that began to braise in its own injected fluids, giving the submerged slices an unappetizing look and texture that I didn't like at all.

    That said, there sure are a lot of home cooking bloggers out there who swear by this method, and wouldn't cook a ham any other way. I'm not sure I'd want to risk the price of a ham on trying to find a way to keep the ham out of the liquids while it warms, if that's even possible.