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Apr 5, 2012 12:22 PM

ISO "almond cheese" in the GTA...curious what does it taste like

I am trying to avoid dairy.
Is almond based "cheese" any good?
wondering where to find it in Torono and what kind of taste it might be like.

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  1. tastes like ground almonds... m

    1. try panacea on bloor west (if it is still around)

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      1. re: helenhelen

        But it isn't...Panacea closed a month or two ago.

        1. re: AverageJo

          damn, too bad!

          did a quick google search for "amond cheese" and tons of hits came up for DIY almond cheese. interesting...

          1. re: helenhelen

            aside from the DIY cheese recipes, found this link. looks like you would have to mailorder. this one is actually aged!


            1. re: helenhelen

              thanks! Pity Toronto lacks so much since Panacea closed :(