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Visiting Boston in July - Best Farm-to-Table?

My wife and I will be visiting Boston for a weekend in late July. Would love to hear native Bostonian's opinions on their favorite farm-to-table spots.

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  1. Oleana. The Chef's husband is literally the farmer, and the stuff she does with produce in July & August (peak season) is out of this world. I don't know if it'll be peak tomato season quite yet when you're here, but if it is, definitely get whatever tomato mezze is on offer.

    1. Oleana. Oleana. Oleana. Given the warm start to the season, maybe great tomatoes by late July (usually around first - second week in August).

      1. My personal suggestion that I give often (in addition to Oleana): TW Food. It's smaller and quaint.

        1. I love Oleana too.

          Another option might be EVOO in Kendall square. they do a nice job with local foods.

          1. Another decent farm-to-table spot is the Centre Street Cafe in JP. And if you have a car, definitely head down to Tastings in Foxboro. The prices are a bit high, but the food is terrific.

            1. Rent a car, drive to Essex, eat at Apple Street Farm's ridiculous farm-to-table Midsummer Nights Dream dinner. I have never been, but if Frank McClelland is doing it, I bet it's good. I'm saying this knowing it is a somewhat absurd suggestion, but bet it would be a night you would remember forever and I would love to know what it was like.

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                I've gone, to the Festival of Tomatoes meal in late August. It's a set menu, which worked fine for us since we eat just about anything, but might put some people off. I think there may have been a choice of entree. The food ranged from good to great. Nothing totally blew my socks off. but nothing was bad. Towards the end of the evening, once the sun was down, it was hard to see exactly what we were eating. The small candles on the table didn't give enough light for that. It was sort of an interesting aspect to the meal, although I don't think it was planned that way. The setting really can't be beat. The communal tables are fun as well. It's definitely pricey, at $175pp. More info here: http://www.lespalier.com/events/occas...

              2. Bondir, no question. Good Luck getting a reservation.

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                  We have eaten at Bondir a dozen times, and reserving couldn't be easier now they have the online service. Our last outing was last week, and it was (as usual) outstanding. Every last item is at least thoughtfully and (if not completely) locally sourced. Sooo good. I think Bondir is what the OP is looking to experience - if the Apple Street Farm experience (the ultimate) were not available.

                  Here is the online link for Bondir: http://www.ureserv.com/rest/485

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                    I agree it is just usually booked two to three weeks out

                2. I was pretty blown away by a meal at Journeyman last week.

                  1. 80 Thoreau- just outside of Boston- located at a commuter rail stop-