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Apr 5, 2012 11:56 AM

Mission Bay recs? for this Sat.

Hi SD chows,

I'm coming from LA for one night. I've always stayed downtown/gas lamp before on my SD visits and this time I wanted to change things up. So I'm staying in Mission Bay and looking to eat around there, also for the sake of mixing things up.

I don't feel like doing a 80/pp tasting menu type of place this time- something lower key like a california bistro or a mexican place would be good. Definitely want table service and alcohol. I liked the menu of the Drunken Goat and Cantina Mayhuel- anything similarly appealing in Pacific Beach/Mission Bay?

And yes, I've used the search tool. After 2 hours of searching, I am starting this thread because I didn't really find anything. Most threads with Mission Bay in the thread name, the responders either told them to drive somewhere else. Is this because the Mission Bay area doesn't really have good places?


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  1. Mission Bay is a body of water surrounded by other named communities. Search for Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Bay Park, and La Jolla. Pacific Beach and La Jolla are to the north of Mission Bay, Mission Beach is to the west, Bay Park is to the east. Those are the areas that feature the majority of the restaurants surrounding the bay. Pacific Beach (called "PB" by the locals) and La Jolla have the most offerings. The best nearby food is in La Jolla, with a few decent-but-not-spectacular offerings in Pacific Beach. Mission Beach has few and limited food offerings as it is mostly high density beach housing.

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      Thanks for the clarification. Anyone care to suggest La Jolla favs? I keep searching in the meantime.

    2. decision made- George's Terrace. Fun menu + view. thanks to nileg for pointing me in the right search direction.

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        pop your head in george's bar and check out the tables by the windows. depending on the time of day/night you eat, you may prefer the bar to the terrace. totally different vibe. the bar always feels like my secret favorite place, while the terrace is for tourists. but it's all good, as they say in SD.

        1. re: pickypicky

          George's was delish! Every dish we had (fish tacos, steak, fish, chocolate cake) hit the spot. They halved our meals to share and coursed them separately like we had made our tasting menu! Nice service and tasty food, enjoyed the rooftop vibe even though it was too dark to "see" the water, it was a nice ambiance after a hot day at the wild life park.

          The specialty cocktails weren't strong enough though :P I had to switch to a dirty martini.