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Apr 5, 2012 11:08 AM

Le Parisien - the new Cafe de Paris

Hello Hounds

I just wanted to say that Le Parisien, in the former Cafe de Paris location on Denman and Alberni, is opening tomorrow!

The room has been renovated into an elegant but upbeat bistro with an expanded bar area and banquet seating in the centre of the room.

The menu looks very tasty, loaded with classic dishes like tartare, cassoulet and moules frites, plus a few surprises like oyster beignets. I'm *beyond* excited to see this space being used properly again. Like most Vancouver folk, Cafe de Paris was the place I first tried actual French food (mmmm, steak frites). And as much as I love the Brasserie, sometimes you just need a little gratin.

I am gathering a group of friends to go this weekend and will report back!

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  1. I believe the people that own Pastis on 4th own it.

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    1. re: brokentelephone

      Yes, that's correct. A longtime server from Pastis will lead the front of house, and the Pastis sous chef will helm the kitchen with Tobias Grignon overseeing both kitchens as Exec.

      At a recent dinner at Pastis, John was telling us that it'll be a simpler, more casual bistro menu than at Pastis and that they'll also be open in the mornings for that shot of espresso before the work day.

      Should be great! I look forward to reading your report NMS!

      1. re: kinnickinnik

        So I finally had a chance to sample a bunch of dishes at the newly-opened Le Parisien.

        First, we tried a couple of oyster 'beignets'. I can't really pass up an oyster and these little fried bites were delicious. Also love that you can order them by the pair. So cute.

        Next we tried a round of salads. The Lyonaise was probably my favourite - similar vinaigrette to Pastis' classic salad. The housemade bacon chunks were very good and it's served with a perfectly poached egg. The Warm Calamari salad was very tasty - nice use of olives and a good amount of squid. Lastly, the Salad Croquant, which consisted of shaved root vegetables either raw or very lightly cooked, roquefort cheese and candied walnuts.

        Then onto a round of tartares - classic beef and west-coasty albacore tuna. Both were nicely done, though I think the beef was a touch better.

        For mains, we tried the Boudin Noir, which my bf proclaimed to be the best he's had in years with fried onions and decadent mashed potatoes. The table shared an order of the cassoulet - nicely done toulouse sausage, duck confit and yet more of the magic slab bacon - and the onglet steak frites with peppercorn sauce. To top it off this heart-smart meal, we added sides of the mac and cheese (tasty; adult with an assertive but welcome hit of roquefort) and brussel sprouts with parm (another one I can't resist).

        Dessert was pretty much out of the question at this point, even for a table of eaters, but we did peruse the menu which looked appropriately classic. Wine program is still settling down but the price-points looked right on. The room is warm but energetic.

        The think the restaurant is an excellent addition to the neighbourhood and look forward to many more visits.

        1. re: NoMoreSnuggles

          Thanks for the report!

          Oh my, that sounds as good as I'd imagined it would be. I hope to get down there soon!