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Dec 4, 2002 02:29 PM

SD - Steingarten link?

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An article in the NY times on Jeffrey Steingarten (food writer extraordiaire) said that his wife is the curator for Asian art at the San Diego Museum of Art. He said she eats terribly when he's "not there", which led me to think that maybe he makes appearances in San Diego from time to time. I'd love to know if he's found anything here to suit his tastes.


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  1. He is pictured at the Chino's in the December 2002 issue of Saveur.

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    1. He hasn't found much, as can be assessed from his generous feedback to questions on this eGullet forum:

      Look for the thread titled "San Diego Dining".

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        Wow. That post makes me sad. I can't say I necesarily disagree. I have seen improvements in my 4 years in SD, but progress is slow.

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          Elitist right coast perspective demonstrating a complete lack of insight or understanding into the dynamics of the evolution of food in San Diego.

          His comments were made in 2003, it would be interesting to hear them now 3 years later. San Diego is not about fine dining. It never has been and it never will, but dining in San Diego has gotten remarkably much better in the last 3 years.

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            Good summary about stupid comments from Steingarten

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            Steingarten is very knowledgeable about food, and a talented and highly amusing writer. I've got a couple of his books and frequently read his Vogue columns (which, BTW, are the raw materials for the books). When it comes to San Diego, though, Steingarten's views are colored by his displeasure at having to leave the places where he feels comfortable and come to the godforsaken lower left hand corner of the US, which to a guy like him is about as foreign as Darfur -- and with (to him) about the same number of dining opportunities.

            I remember reading that when he first came out here, he brought his own steaks from New York because he wasn't confident that he could find anything wholesome and tasty here. I knew then that he wasn't without his irrational side. On the other hand, he did write a nice piece a few years ago about a fantastic taco joint in Rosarito. Anyway, if there's an SD-Steingarten link, it's the weakest one.
            . . . jim strain in san diego.

          3. “People who move to San Diego and tourists who visit the city do so, I think, for the weather, for the beaches, for water sports and golf, and for tourist attractions like the zoo (way overrated), Sea World, etc. Are these the sort of people who care about food, think about it half the way, and like spending their money on good food? Certainly not.

            P.S. About San Diego: If you think I'm saying that people who move somewhere for the weather are shallow or chronically ill, you're right.”

            I’m not sure why anyone that lives in San Diego would care what this clown thinks after making the remarks above. As heard over and over “only NY and LA have good food.” I find his comments and other comments like it...quite sad!

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              Well for someone who didn't MOVE here and has traveled(eaten) across the country and to Europe repeatedly, I'm becoming pretty proud of San Diego. To fully understand how far we've come, you would have to have experienced the restaurant scene of the 1960's. When a place like Roberto's taco stands could hit North County and change the eating habits of the locals, you get an idea of how "white bread" things were. I was the only child in my class who had eaten Japanese food (Monterey), when our Japanese American teacher brought in rice rolled in nori. No one had ever tried escargot when my jr. high teacher extolled their garlicy virtues. Before the post Vietnam influx of refugees arrived, San Diego county was a wasteland of bland, indifferent food. Given how far we've come, I expect great things in the future. Now if Zagat would recognize us as a market and we could get our own board...

            2. I remember reading something that made me think he is not coming here regularly anymore - I think in one of his recent Vogue columns. I used to enjoy his writing in Vogue, but I picked up "It Must Have Been Something I Ate" and found it almost unreadable. I have also seen him on American Iron Chef, where he seems really unpleasant in person. Reading these comments on EGullet didn't help. He actually sounds a little nuts. Also sounds like he didn't get out much, but stayed mostly in La Jolla and Del Mar. That would make it difficult to explore the full range of San Diego cuisine.

              1. Its news to me that people move here because of our "overated" zoo.

                Too funny.