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Apr 5, 2012 10:49 AM

Seeking seafood hole-in-the-wall in Charleston

Heading to Charleston for a weekend and will likely visit one of the budget busting places that are well-represented on this board. To balance things out, would love to find, if such a thing exists, a quirky local place, ideally with some combination of great casual character, outdoor seating, reasonable prices, and seafood. A friend recommended Bowen's Island, which seems perfect in theory, but I've read some sketchy reviews. So maybe what we're looking for is someplace like Bowen's Island when Bowen's Island was actually good. If that makes sense. We can tolerate less-than-sublime food if the overall experience compensates. I know that's a tall order but would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks, everyone...

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  1. Just realized that I violated my don't-start-a-new-thread-before-checking-if-a-similar-one-exists rule. Anyone have anything to add to this one?

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      I don't have any restaurants to add, but i'll opine on Bowen's Island. Even though I've been visiting Charleston my whole life, I never made it to Bowen's until this winter (if you can call it that) because I am only interested in eating oysters there, and I don't eat oysters in the summer, yada yada. So I can't speak to what it used to be.

      What it IS: a place to get a huge tray of roasted (like steamed) oysters, possibly all you can eat and draft local beer. They are amazingly different, small, elongated, cluster-oysters, with a fair amoutn of pluff mud. We also got some fried shrimp, it they were good if not great. So if you like to spend the evening breaking into your food, you'll like it. If not big on oysters, don't bother.