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Apr 5, 2012 10:34 AM

Ono Kine Grindz - hawaiian food in Tosa (MKE)

Someone posted about this place on another board, I wrote this in response after having lunch there today:

I had to pick up some passover things for a couple of elderly shut-ins that live by me at the Kosher Meat Club, and continued on to have lunch at Ono Kine Grinds today.

I was expecting to get a pork dish as it is what I expected from a hawaiian place - but they had just brought out some ribs and the plate passed under my nose as it was being brought out and it smelled GOOD. The ribs were done Korean style and were called "Angus Prime Beef Ribs". Very good, slightly saltier than I would have done myself. The Kim Chee was way too hot for me - but I am not a spicy food fan. The sticky rice was very good, the (Hawaiian Salsa? Salad?) was excellent. The macaroni salad was very bland.

Very friendly people. Very small place - I think there was seating for 20 at best and that would be crowded.

I am planning on going back, I am torn between the Kalua Pork or the Yellowfin Ahi Poke. I will be trying the Lomilomi lox the next time as well. The time after that will be the smoked chicken.
Prices are very reasonable (or were for the ribs - the most expensive thing on the menu and they were $9.95),
Oh - you also can get loud hawaiian shirts there as well.

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  1. I live and work not very far from there and have picked up lunch a couple of times. I LOVE this place! The teriyaki burger over rice is a huge amount of food for the money [they do moko loko on weekends; this is as close as they come during the week], and the Kalbi ribs are super.

    That whole block is becoming an island of foodiness, with Cosmo's next door and Fatoni's across the street. There is something interesting going in up the block where Daymaker Cafe was, and a new European bakery is in place just bit to the east...Rocket Baby Bakery or something like that.

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      Fatoni's ham and rolls were perfect the one time I had them. Ono Kine Grindz's hot food looked awesome but I just picked up some crack seed and li hing mui and stuff. Such a fun spot!

    2. One of my favorite places. I eat there about once a week and always get the poke with sides of Lomi and wakame. My kids love the char siu chicken. Everything there is very good and l really like to see a unique business run by really nice people do well.

      1. AAAARRRRGH!! A place where I can wear my native clothing and not be self-conscious. Where my native hibiscus, black silk, and neon orange and green tropical shirts would blend in. And I head back to Florida first thing in the morning.

        Rather than Mexican off of National Ave. my first stop in September will be Tosa.

        Thank You Hounds.

        1. Jealous!! Do they happen to make Lilikoi pie? That would put it over the top for me.

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            It is not on their carry-out menu, but I'll bet that if you asked them, they'd come up with something for you.