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Ultra-pasteurized milk is VILE!

Who the hell drinks this crap? I accidentally put some in my coffee at work without reading the label. It is an abomination and a desecration of the goodness that nature provides. This shit tastes like non-dairy creamer. I say it should be banned.

Ok, rant over.

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  1. I do. The milk I have smells pleasantly grassy to me. Doesn't remind me of creamer at all.

    1. The Darigold brand of milk here is ultra-pasteurized. I didn't realize it when I bought some a few months ago. I could instantly pick up a richer, fuller taste to it that I really enjoyed, and reminded me of the 'extra-rich' milk served at one of the bakeries we went to when I was young.

      1. Most of the organic milk is UHT. I think it tastes fine

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          I'm no scientist but I don't think UHT = ultra-pasteurized. Having said that, I think they're both vile, UHT more so. I won't touch either with a 10-foot pole, at least not on purpose. Why can't we go back to how things were just 10 years or so ago when 99% of milk sold in markets was pasteurized? Ultra-pasteurization is creating a whole generation of people who will not know how milk should taste (not that pasteurized milk is so wonderful, either, but it's vastly better).

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            I worry more about radioactive milk, but maybe that's just me.
            Ya don't know what good milk tastes like until you've had some from Lancaster.

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            Much of the organic milk I have tastes is awful. I think the culprit is palmitate. I buy and enjoy Natire's Promise which is the grocery chain's organic store brand. Not sure if it is ultra pasteurized.

          3. Different? Yes.
            Vile? Hardly.

            1. It's almost impossible to find non ultra in half/half or heavy cream. The ultra half/half gives coffee an off taste, and ultra heavy cream is a real travesty. I grew up on a farm and for several years milked two Guernsey cows by hand every morning and night. The taste of that milk and cream now mostly exists in memory. I remember after our last cow died, Mom bought store milk (Sealtest). It was not good, but we adapted.

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                I live in a big city so probably get lots more options. When I went to Maui last year, all I could find was ultra-pasteurized everything. I can always find conventional pasteurized milk products where I live. Organic pasteurized is only slightly harder to find - Whole Foods usually carries at least a couple of brands other than their house brand.

                Condolences for your loss of your cows and real milk. I do love the city life and would be hard-pressed to give that up, but there are days when I wish I were living on a farm where I can live off the land and eat foods that taste as nature intended. I also have a tiny obsession with farm animals (no dirty jokes, please.. I just find them really pure and good and endearing),

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                  around here in western Ma there are several local brands of cream not ultra pasteurized, half and half too. I guess we are very lucky. but we also never shop at regular grocery stores.

                2. Yes, horrible. The lower fat versions contain a huge number of unlisted, legal additivies. The milk is bad enough. The cream makes me cry.

                  If all I could find was UHT organic I'd probably consider buying hormone-free conventional. I find it that horrid.

                  1. I drink this crap. Or, at least, I drink UHT milk. Or rather, I put it in my coffee and tea as I'm not much of a milk drinker. I don't understand the hate, but then, as I spent half of my childhood in Western continental Europe and as this was what was given me, I wonder if there's a nostalgic imprint. The flavour, which is distinctive, does not bother me in the least.

                    I continue to buy it as my refrigerator is too small to keep my next bottle anywhere but the cupboard. As for the questions of organic and hormone free? As far as I understand, EU countries are obliged to keep milk hormone free. (But if someone who is better educated on the matter of EU regulations and dairy can set me straight, please do!)

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                      I grew up drinking UHT milk. I love it. I find it funny when people say it tastes weird, because that was my first impression of Canadian milk! I find American milk, even the organic stuff, tasteless.

                    2. IIRC, every lactose-free milk on the market is ultra-pasteurized. I don't mind the taste of it all that much because I only use it to sweeten and color my coffee. I do like the fact that the ultra-pasteurization allows for a long(er) expiration date. Take notice of that sometime.
                      It's one of the many reasons why they employ the process to begin with -- to increase shelf-life.

                      1. I think it has a more "cooked" taste that some people like, but others don't. Personally, I like it, but have never tasted raw milk so I probably don't know what I'm missing.