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Apr 5, 2012 09:24 AM

Excellent restaurant in Doylestown?

Hoping for a hound to recommend someplace very good in Doylestown for dinner after a visit to the Michener Museum -- haven't been in that area since we moved from the burbs to Center City 6 years ago. Thanks in advance for all recommendations.

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      1. re: Chefpaulo

        +3 for honey. Other options are Slate Bleu for French bistro cooking, Ooka for Japanese, and M.O.M.'s for creole inspired cooking. Il Melograno is the best Italian in the area. avoid the Freight House. there is a new steakhouse just south of Doylestown KC Prime. And Villa Barolo does nice fish and pasta.

      2. + 4 for ... Honey. It's great.

        We also had a great experience at M.O.Ms, Maxwells on Main, which has little to do with the old Maxwells as far as I can tell. Southern-accented American cooking, not fine dining, but tweaked pubby classics made quite well. The fried pickles were very tasty, the collards smokey and spicy and the fried chicken was excellent.

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          Thanks to all. We used to enjoy Slate Bleu when we lived in Huntingdon Valley (6+ years ago) but I couldn't remember the name. Will look up Honey and Villa Barolo to see their menus before we decide. We look for low salt and (hopefully) low fat so Maxwell's doesn't seem right for us