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Apr 5, 2012 08:10 AM

Actinolite - new spot on Ossington north

Driving up Ossington last night and saw this beautiful looking restaurant at the corner of Ossington and Hallam. It was gorgeously lit, almost full - so inviting. Our good friends have a cottage near Actinolite, where my husband spent a lot of time in his teens, so the name struck a nostalgic chord as well. I see the earlier "what's happening at 971 ossington" thread, and a few online reviews, but have any of the hounds been yet?

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  1. Did you see the reviews online? Some have some good pics. <- only a menu

    Sorry pp, I saw that you mentioned the online reviews only after I posted, but was not able to completely delete my post.

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      Thanks - I had seen the first 2 reviews but not the third. Last thing I want to do is overhype a place that's only just opened but it certainly looks and sounds promising.

      1. we stopped by for a dessert & cocktail last night after dinner at home - their drinks menu is heavy on the amaro (typical cocktail is $9). i had a modern no. 20 and for dessert, a lovely olive oil cake with house-made strawberry icecream and roasted rhubarb - nice mix of tart & sweet, the cake had a good crumb and a nice bit of crust. they have a little wine cellar in the basement too, i noticed (though i didn't see what was inside, really). cozy little room, we'll definitely be back esp. since it's just a short walk from home.

        1. I had heard and read positive things about Actinolite and we were glad we tried it. The room feels open with decent spacing between the tables. The menu consists of 5 apps and 5 mains. With the exception of Lorenzo Loseto, Susur's best known alumni: Jason Carter, Dustin Gallagher and now Justin Cournoyer, have moved away from fusion towards classic pairings. We started with the pork shoulder and ham salad. The pork shoulder was cider glazed with beets and hazelnuts, the ham salad was smoked Tamsworth with artichokes, pickles and a gribiche sauce. Both dishes were excellent in that all the flavours were in balance, properly seasoned, showcased a variety of textures, and composed of just the right amount of elements.
          For mains we had the ricotta mushroom ravioli and the grilled lamb. Both dishes came out hot and showed similar finesse as in the apps. I wished the ravioli had a stronger mushroom flavour and the lamb sofrito was good enough to steal the focus of the dish, but otherwise still excellent dishes.
          Only two desserts but both were excellent, one chocolate the other strawberry with rhubarb. Both had homemade ice-cream. We both felt portions throughout the meal were appropriate, we left full and satisfied rather than heavy and stuffed. Much like the food, there were no missteps in service. At first I thought they were over staffed until I saw how it filled up at 8pm.
          Despite the small wine list with a couple of reds and whites by the glass, we managed to find excellent pairings for each course. Two apps, two mains, two desserts and six glasses of wine totalled $167 with tax. Well worth going across town for.

          1. Planning on going this weekend, has anyone else been?

            1. There is a recent positive review in The Star on Actinolite which I felt was accurate.
              We enjoyed our meal. The service was good. The food always had an element of the unusual which made it interesting. Clearly a lot of care taken in the preparation of each dish. Wine list was fine.Reasonable value; See website:-
              Although well within the top quartile of good restaurants, it wasn't a blow me away type of experience.