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Apr 5, 2012 08:02 AM

Gnocchi in Rome OTHER THAN Thursday?

First off, let me say that I've been scouring this board for dining recommendations for my upcoming honeymoon in June. It's been a great resource, and I want to thank all of the members that have contributed.

Getting to the point of my post - I have just learned (through reading posts here and elsewhere) that Thursday is gnocchi day in Rome. Unfortunately, we will be arriving on a Friday and leaving on Tuesday, so we'll be unable to partake in some of the great options that have been listed here. As my finacee is a HUGE gnocchi fan, I was wondering if there are any restaurants anyone can recommend that serve gnocchi as part of their regular menu, so we can order it on a day other than Thursday? I understand that some restaurants make gummy gnocchi from dried potato flakes, and we are certainly not looking for that kind experience. We've had some great gnocchi in our hometown (Philly) and are really hoping to try some while in Rome.

Alternatively, we'll be travling to Taormina after our stay in Rome, so if there are better options there, that would work as well. Thanks!

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  1. I don't know about gnocchi but, if you like fish, the best I ate in Taormina was at l'Arco dei Cappuccini (sorry if that's "off-topic")

    1. Arcangelo will prepare them upon request if you call 48 hours in advance. The gnocci alla matriciana there are among the best on earth. Open Mon-Fri lunch & dinner, Sat dinner only +39063210992

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        Dave, thanks for the tip. We do love seafood and we don't have any plans for Taormina yet so we will definitely check that out!

        Katie, thanks so much, that's music to my ears! We will plan on calling Arcangelo when we arrive so we can have the gnocchi before we leave. My fiancée will be very happy!

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          start with suppli'!!! the fried rice balls there are insanely good. and you can both definitely be happy getting 2 orders of gnocchi, but if you wanna switch it up, get 1 order of gnocchi and one cacio e unto (aka gricia). enjoy!