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Apr 5, 2012 07:31 AM

Between Cape and Boston

I need to meet friends for dinner midway between the Cape and Boston. Does anyone have a suggestion for a place relatively close to Route 3? Thanks!

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  1. Any type of cuisine or ambience you're looking for?

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      Good point. Non-Asian cuisine. "American" or Italian would be fine. Not price sensitve, but probably prefer more casual to less. Thanks.

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        Wood's Seafoods, on the pier in Plymouth for lobster, lobster rolls, and all the other forms of Shellfish that you can think of. Very casual, very good.

    2. Plenty of places at Derby Street Shops in Hingham, that's about halfway depending on how far down the Cape they are. Another option I love for VERY casual is Poopsies, right off the Route 139 exit (marshfield/Pembroke line) Limited menu, bar pizza, pitchers of beer) kinda place

      1. If you want really good food, really good atmosphere and really good bar service, go to "Solstice" in Kingston. It's really good. And, it's half way between Boston and the Cape.

          1. You have some good suggestions here.

            In hingham, you have scarlet oak tavern. They do a pretty modern menu of seafood and steak in a handsomely renovated colonial house. Exit 14 off of rt.3. Also in hingham with good highway access is Jasper whites summer shack in the derby st. Shops, exit 15.

            A little further south, exit 12, you can head down 139 in pembroke to Orta a wood fired pizza place with Italian mains and very good small plates. Head the other way down 139 into marshfield, passing Poopsies, a great bar room pizza place that is darkly lit and always crowded on weekend nights, and you're on your way to Hola. It's one of the most interesting menus on the south shore, serving small plates and flat breads.

            Exit 11 will put you near the sun tavern. It has changed ownership a few times and the food can be spotty but the room is very comfortable and it is in a historic house. Think low ceilings, a wood burning fireplace, and arm chairs.

            Exit 9 is the stop for Solstice. An American menu served in an old train depot. It is pricy and more upscale for the south shore. Usually a good meal.

            Exit 6 in Plymouth gives you a few options. Down on the water you have Woods and the lobster hut for counter service seafood. Ther is Mama Mias pizza, an italian restaurant with four or five location around the area. People like it. There is also the Eastbay grill, a servicablr restaurant with a standar menu on the water in a nice room.

            Exit 2 is the last stop for a meal at the British Beer Company. Lots of good draughts beer and an English slanted pub menu.