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Apr 5, 2012 07:13 AM

Time needed to Reheat Brisket?

I have about 7 pounds of sliced, cooked Brisket in a pyrex long and at what temperature should it take to be table ready ? Is it possible to overcook it?....I need help!!

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  1. The time needed depends on whether you need the brisket reheated dry or in a sauce? If you have the time, take the dish out of the refrigerator and hour before placing in the oven and reheat at a low temperature of 250* and expect 45-60+minutes covered with foil. At the low temperature, the meat will not dry out.

    If it were me, I would start this process three hours before serving to be safe. It's easier and better to hold the dish, rather than speed it up on a higher heat setting.

    1. I usually prepare my braised brisket in advance, reheating the day of service. I make it in a 6-3/4 qt LC oval with lid and let it cool before stashing in the fridge. It is in a sauce so I reheat in the oven at 300 degrees, which was the original cooking temperature. I start it in a cold oven so it is not "shocked" and then don't fuss too much. I check it when it starts smelling good.

      If you don't have a sauce, I'd go with fourunder's recommendation. That's what we do with smoked brisket.

      1. I do exactly what Dee does... 300 degrees for an hour, covered with the sauce. You can't really overcook it that way; it just gets more tender.

        I like fourunder's advice too. Should come out perfectly if you have the time.

        Here's what I do:

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          I cooked and sliced the Brisket on Tuesday and stored it covered with foil and with the 'gravy' in the fridge....shall I loosely cover it with foil (the gravy only comes halfway up the pan), let it come to room temperature and reheat covered at 300F? I never cooked a 'single' brisket before, always used a 'double' which is what my mother used..more fat, but to me a juicier cut, this Brisket was super lean so I got a bit freaked out.... thanks to all who replied...

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            I would cover tightly with foil, but yes, I think you're on the right track.

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              thanks so just about finished all I can 'prep' for here's to tomorrow..Happy Passover to those of us who celebrate and to those who celebrate Easter...Have a Lovely Easter! I'm celebrating both, cooking for us and eating at a good friend's on Sunday...she always threatens to serve the Easter far that hasn't happened!!

        2. time to reheat brisket