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Apr 5, 2012 07:05 AM

Easter Sunday food spots!

Hi everyone,

Visiting Montreal on Sunday for the whole day and looking for good spots to eat...i did a little bit of research and here's what i got! Me and my gf will be biking around the city trying to find good spots to grab a bite.

Bakery ?Croissant? not sure where to go?
Gruman's 78 for tacos
Qing Hua for Dumplings
Swartz for SM (Depending on the line up)

We are looking to quick bites instead of a big lunch and fancy dinner...something different!

Not sure where to go for Drinks (Been to L'Assommoire and loved it but looking for something different but with the same vide).

Hopefully you guys can help me!


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  1. Got more suggestions from the Thread below.

    -Boulangerie Guillaume for bread, croissants and other nice baked goods.
    - Point G or La Maison du Macaron for macarons.
    -Kem Coba for Ice cream

    Anyone know where i could find Lobster poutine beside Garde Mange?

    I hope everything will be open on Easter Sunday...