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Apr 5, 2012 06:39 AM

Zee Grill - (relatively) kid-friendly?

I'm thinking of trying Zee Grill w/ the kids (5 and 3) for an early Saturday dinner (like, 5:30 pm early). I've neve been, and I'm curious if the vibe is kid-friendly enough. No high chairs / boosters are needed, and we should be out of there no later than 7:00 pm / 7:30 pm.

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  1. Run by decent people. But there are 3 year olds, and then there are 3 year olds.... I would check the menu, then call them to see if they have flexibility if you need to vary anything. Don't recall the menu having many options that the average kid would go for. Pizza place on same block might be better option, though quite loud at that time.

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      I find Toronto restaurants to be very family-friendly as a general rule and given the neighbourhood, I would think you'd be fine. Assuming you're happy with the menu options (which I would be for our kids), I'd go for a 5 or 5:30 reservation, pack up the colouring books, pencils and enjoy. Apart from really high end restaurants, there's virtually no place in the city I wouldn't attempt with my chowpups (similar in age to yours) at that early hour (assuming they're not in one of their overtired monster moods). Enjoy - and please report back. I've been meaning to try Zee Grill for years and now that I look at their menu again, I'd like to go with the kids.

    2. I am a regular at Zee it, but must admit can't ever recollect seeing kids there (although never go before 7:30pm). As a previous poster recommended, I would definitely check the menu. I don't find it particularly kid-friendly. Also, when we go and usally order 2 apps, 2 mains and a bottle of wine - the bill is usually around $200. Not the kind of place you expect to see young kids.

      1. I've had an early dinner (5:45) there on a Friday evening with my two year old. He became a bit fussy after he was finished eating so we ordered a side of frites and he was thrilled for the rest of the evening (even though he was already full so he barely put a dent in them). The staff were very welcoming, and I didn't get any looks when he started getting cranky (we did take him out for a walk right away). He loved the lobster fritters...probably would have eaten the entire plate himself if I had let him!

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          So, definitely kid-friendly enough at 5:30 pm, even on a Saturday (the place was practically full by 6:00). The servers were accommadating and great overall.

          Interesting what my kids like - the older one was all over the lobster fritters (my lobster fritters) and the frites, the younger one ate half my wife's crab cake, as well as some of her steak - so the little ones ate well enough (they also had ice cream). As for the adults, it seemed to me that the appetizers - the aforementioned lobster fritters, the panko-crusted soft-shell crab, the oysters - were much better than the mains, which I found came out too long after they were ready (the steak and scallops weren't hot enough), and none of it tasted as good.

          That being said, I agree w/ peppermint pate in that most restaurants are kid-friendly enough at 5:30 pm, even on a Saturday.

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            Thanks so much for taking the time to post. I laughed when I saw your note about the lobster fritters - funny how everything tastes better on mommy and daddy's plate! I'll definitely give it a try - sounds like a selection of appetizers is the way to go.

            On the kid-friendly front, by the by, we've had some great experiences recently at Playa Cabana, Khao San Road and Pizzeria Libretto and a really solid brunch at ViVetha Bistro.

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              Decent atmosphere, good service and kid friendly but the food is underwhelming. Would not go back. there are many more better seafood joints with similar prices; such as StarFish, chinatown seafood joints, rodney's, diana's, quince (serves some seafood).etc.