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Apr 5, 2012 06:25 AM

Jolly Inn Fried Chicken

Does anyone remember the old Jolly Inn in Roseland? It was located on 115th Street in the Roseland area and closed in the early '70's. They had the best fried chicken that I've ever had. I'm guessing it was dipped in cracker crumbs. The crust was done to a rusty brown color and the bird was moist and loaded with flavor.

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  1. YES, I remember it well. We used to go there every week when we lived in Roseland and I agree that the fried chicken was the best ever. I wonder if the Jolly Inn on Irving Park Road in Chicago is the same you know?

    1. That was my grandmothers restaurant. (Jolly Inn) It is no longer there. My grandmother lived upstairs above the restaurant.

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        Thanks Kathy. That must have been a fun place for you when you were a child. The Jolly Inn and Pasavanto's (not sure of the spelling) were our two favorites in Roseland back in the day.

      2. Jolly inn is now @ 6501 W Irving Park Rd ANNDDD their fried chicken is still the best! So juicy. Huge pieces too!

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          I wondered if it was the same Jolly Inn. I live not too far from there. Glad to hear that the fried chicken is still as good. I'll have to try it soon. Thanks much.

        2. I had misremembered that the amazing fried chicken in Roseland came from Krapil's but thanks to this post I stand corrected. Yes, Jolly Inn's chicken was the best ever -- but do you remember their cole slaw? I have tried for years to replicate that great garlicky mayo dressing!! Anyone have a recipe?