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Apr 5, 2012 02:05 AM

Chimmichurri Chicken

I will be making a Chimmichurri marinated chicken for Passover with chicken breasts. Sorry, if in advance if this Is in the wrong board- I thought it was a "home cooking" type of post. I will have to roast the chicken, and will not be able to grill it as it is traditionally done. My thinking is 350 F uncovered, skin side up.. I can probably turn the broiler on at the end to crisp it up, and was going to marinate it for a day first in the Chimmichurri sauce and put some of the sauce under the skin. Thoughts on whether this should turn out nicely?

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  1. My current fav chicken recipe, you can try in the oven but the marinade is not chimmchurri it is more of a lemon, olive oil with a few seasonings. Check out the chow recipes which are a great intro. i use whatever I have that is green for the sauce, i think oregano and mint are important.