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Apr 5, 2012 01:18 AM

Question About Old Howard Johnson's

I found a website called Hojoland, about the almost defunct chain Howard Johnson's, (three are left.) They have a list of former locations. One of them was in Farmington Hills, MI on Middlebelt.
my question is where on Middlebelt was it ?

There was one near my house in Southfield on Ten Mile and Northwestern. it's been a Kerby's Coney Island for more than 20 years. However I still have memories of it growing up. I had an early birthday party their.

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  1. Middlebelt? Really? That seems, well, odd. I would've guessed Orchard Lake. Given that HoJo also
    owned Ground Round, I will speculate that the olde Ground Round bldg (now Ram's Horn?) was the
    more likely site of a HoJo.

    The only location on Middlebelt that makes sense to me, is the present location of of Ginopolis, NW
    corner of 12 Mile & Middlebelt.

    1. Sounded strange to me too.

      For what it's worth, I found this site, which says it may not have existed:

      Found another site as well... no mention of a Farmington Hills location.


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        This website has an error for the Miller Road location in Flint. Says it became Mr. Gibby's in
        1985. I think that's ~ten years too late. I attended GMI from '74 thru '79. I never remember it
        being a HoJo. I do recall it changing from whatever it was to Mr. Gibby's during that five year
        period. 1975 seems 'bout right.