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Apr 5, 2012 12:03 AM

When do you crave?

Everyone gets cravings, but I've found an odd thing about myself and sweets. Now, generally I'm not a dessert person and rarely a candy person, but I find that I really crave sweets late at night. I mean like 2am late. I hate sweets for breakfast and stay away from syrup or jelly. For lunch, I may grab a bag of chips, but rarely a piece of candy. Even after dinner, I stay away from cakes and pies. But, around 2am, if there is something in the fridge, I'm digging in.

Anyone else have any time specific cravings?

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  1. silence, I crave silence - oh wait that's not relevant.

    usually only late afternoon or early evening, but I crave what I can't get. y'know that line from "Silence of the Lambs" - 'we covet what we see everyday'? well for me it's the opposite, I crave the foods I can't get out here in the sticks. oh for some Thai Yum Pla Muk or spicy peanut noodles or even just a good VN grilled pork on rice noodle. but good luck finding the fish sauce. may have to make my own.