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Apr 4, 2012 11:04 PM

Luxury Sangria for a party / bbq

I just went through a lot of threads for different recipes - and that got me no where

Basically my head was/is spinning

It is going to be for a pool party / bbq and i will be making some more exotic mixed drinks - navy grog / pina colada / mojitios / tortuga (yum)

I was going to make bellini's as my "quick" drink however the mrs. has decided she would prefer sangria

She prefer 's red sangria - i would prefer to not put in lemon lime soda or anything with a lot of chemicals in it rather using sugar or simple / rock syrup, i don't mind marinating the fruit overnight if it will be better the next day and i have a lot of exotic liquors for making tiki drinks i.e. licor 43, cointreau, falernum, grand mariner, etc basically if you can think of it i probably have it SO

The question is what is a good recipe for this request and more specifically
what Specific wine (probably just pick up something at total wine or bevmo so points if it is a wine they normally carry) should i go with and i need to get more brandy , ej's is going to ruin anything it touches so what is a decent brandy (and i may ask the spirts forum this) that will work to cook with and not taste horrible to drink with - i generally don't drink brandy we only have it for cooking / baking and when the occasional tiki drink calls for some

Ok i tried to be as specific as I could - fire away :)

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  1. Are you going to serve these in your new glasses? :D

    For an uptown Sangria, I use Sangre de Toro (a Catalunya) -- but any rioja or similar will work fine (caution: Sangre de Toro is 19.6% -- so this is no namby-pamby sangria).

    For each bottle, 1/4 cup of brandy. Anything halfway decent -- I've even used Christian Brothers with no issues.

    Slice up some citrus fruit -- I usually use at least one each lime, lemon, orange, and grapefruit, but mix it to your taste. Non-treated or organic are best, but if you can't find them, make sure you wash the skins well. Put the slices in the bottom of a big jar/jug/pitcher and muddle them a little with a potato masher or similar to release some of the oils from the skins.

    Now add the wine, a big handful of cinnamon sticks, and the brandy. Refrigerate overnight (or at least several hours) to let it all blend and chill.

    This gets RAVE reviews every time I serve it (it's roughly based on the recipe from the Columbia Restaurant in Tampa) -- but do be careful -- it's sweet (even without sugar), it's cold, and it's refreshing -- so it can knock you for a loop before you ever know what hit you.

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    1. re: sunshine842

      The new glasses are for the the cocktails...sangria drinkers get the Red Solo Cups lol - I did order the glasses will update the thread when i get them they should be here next week, got the rock and collins-esque glass along with the pint glasses - hopefully they live up to pictures

      That sounds tasty, question on the fruit, do you use one of each of those fruits PER bottle of wine or just per pitcher - figure the container we will use can handle 3-4 bottles of wine

      1. re: Dapuma

        For 3-4 bottles, I'd use at least 3 pieces of's not an exact ratio -- so it also depends on how sweet/sour/juicy the fruit is.

        I look for a good thick layer - a couple of inches - on the bottom of my container, and that's usually a pretty good gauge, as it tends to be pretty proportional to volume, assuming you're not using something tall and skinny or flat and shallow.

        By the way -- I used to have a clear plastic beverage dispenser with a tap on the front (designed for keeping cold water in the fridge) -- it *rocks* as a sangria dispenser -- hold a ton, too. A sun tea jar also makes a good sangria pitcher, especially if it has a spigot.

        1. re: sunshine842

          Sur la Table has a couple pitchers like that with spigots we have been looking at online, seems like that would be the easiest way to do it

          One of the cocktail places by me does a great sangria they layer grenadine at the bottom of theirs use a bit of peach schnaps and finish it on top with merlot - they would not tell me how they make it but i did watch them make it for someone else so that gives me a couple ideas - interesting idea to mix different types of wine

          Perhaps serving the sangria with a bit of grenadine as a float or at the bottom would be good and / or putting some apricot brandy in there (i want to use up my bols so i can get the rothman and winter's heh)

          Guess ill just have to make a trial batch this weekend :)

          1. re: Dapuma

            we had dinner at a restaurant in Florida who confessed under pressure that Hawaiian Punch was the secret ingredient. Blech. Please don't go there!

            I prefer my sangria only slightly sweet, so I generally avoid all the liqueurs and things.

            1. re: sunshine842

              nothing processed is going in this - i have Small Hand Foods Grenadine and Sonoma Syrup Grenadine - going to try it with and without and each kind to see if it makes it better or not

              will let you know how the test batch results go :)

              1. re: Dapuma

                ....(weaving) i....uh...yeah...I shhhiiink we need shum more shaaaampulllls.

                1. re: sunshine842

                  have been too busy for a sample run but got 6 bottles of the de Toro ready to go

                  As i went up to the Bevmo counter the guy was like, Oh this wine is supposed to be really good, our old store manager swore by this stuff" and the plastic bulls are cool - which was pretty funny

      2. re: sunshine842

        Hey! I do the same thing (process) but I also add triple sec or cointreau to taste. Very nice...never a complaint :)

      3. I do a white wine sangria 1 or two bottles of albarino or other dry white 1 bottle cava citrus for the sangria black berries or raspberries (if in season) in the individual glasses and apple brandy.

        1. did 6 bottles of wine
          3 lime 3 orange 3 white grapefruit 3 lemon

          The resulting sangria was fairly bitter, i added some grenadine and quite a bit of simple syrup to balance it out, perhaps white grapefruit were too bitter to balance it out, but overall it was good, i would have added more cinnamon and grenadine to the mixture maybe 8 oz of grenadine and 8 oz of simple or kept the white grapefruit out, also added a bit more cinnamon - but it was a simple fix to get it to where it needed to be

          perhaps steeping it with the rinds was a bad idea, the pith might have added the bitterness, maybe should have fully peeled the fruit then added it

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          1. re: Dapuma

            I agree that it was likely the white grapefruit -- sorry I didn't specify pink. (I NEVER buy white for anything, so I tend to forget it even exists...)

            I've been steeping it on the muddled rinds for decades, and haven't ever had a bitter batch -- the oils in the peels add nice flavor.

            1. re: sunshine842

              We are giving this another go

              This time we are using oranges apples plums and blackberries (to increase the sweetness and using Castillo Clavijo Rioja Teperanillo

              I also made some homemade Grenadine to use as a float if it needs more sweetness

              This time we avoided the pith and the lime lemon grapefruit combination that turned it bitter last time

              1/4 cup of brandy per bottle and a package of cinnamon sticks...will keep you posted how it turns out

              1. re: Dapuma

                Made a great batch of Sangria last night so I figured I would share the recipe

                We used Castillo Clavijo (total wine) Tempranillo Rioja x6
                1.5 cups of brandy (Paul Masson VS) (1/4 cup per bottle of wine)
                one package of Cinnamon sticks

                3 Oranges sliced thinly + the skin (peeled to avoid the pith) for the oils and twisted them and left in overnight
                4 large red delicious apples cubed
                8 plums cubed
                1 carton of blackberries from Costco

                Let everything sit at room temp for 24 hours stirring occasionally - I had made Grenadine in case it needed a touch of sweetness but it was perfect as is, very smooth and refreshing (and I am not a Sangria person)

                The fruit had some kick !

                I have made it in the past and it was too bitter with using anything that was not a sweet fruit (like lemon lime grapefruit) and also had some issues not removing pith and it making the sangria bitter - also this did not have anything unnatural in it (like soda) to give it sweetness

                Let me know if you try it and how your results go!