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Apr 4, 2012 10:15 PM

Diet Coke - Desperately Seeking Kosher for Passover in LA!

I've searched the web and have discovered that, officially, Coca Cola Kosher for Passover products are not going to be available in markets in California this year. However, I went to Cambridge Farms in North Hollywood tonight and they had plenty of regular Coca Cola for Passover but are completely out of Diet Coke, which they did have.

I spoke to a manager-type who said their shipment of Coca Cola products came from New York and they sold all the Diet Coke they had. Has anyone seen Diet Coke (2 liter bottles) that's Kosher for Passover (specific yellow cap) recently in the LA area?


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  1. I heard that La Brea market on KA. Brea and Oakwoosd is getting a shipment tomorrow. I heard this third hand, but maybe give them a call an see if they ave it.

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    1. I'm in Toronto, Canada and here's the situation here- probably similar to LA:
      Diet Coke can only be used on Pesach by Sefardic Jews because it contains kitnyos-based ingredients. Ashenazic Jews only have regular coke available during Pesach.
      Consult with your rabbi of kashruth advisor.

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        Actually the toronto situation is due to a stringency of the COR rabbinate in Canada. The Diet Coke sweetener certified in the USA is exactly the same Kitniyot based sweetener. The OU's position is that this Kitniyot is chemically altered enough that it is fine for Ashkenazim on Pesach.