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Apr 4, 2012 08:49 PM

Quintessence by Grand Marnier---*RARE* only 1,000 btl to the US!

Most people aren't even aware of its existence!
2,000 bottles made...1,000 to US only...most not released to public, more remains still from vendors!
NEVER to be made/bottled again!
Founder's Family Reserves...from 1906 & 1955...

Views, thoughts, opinions, experiences?

Upscale restaurants/bars selling it at $75/ounce a $1400/bottle.
Online it offered between $800-$1200/bottle.

I tried an earlier topic, but believe most aren't aware/or have not experienced.

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  1. $800 for a Grand Marnier product? I think I'll pass. If the old Cognac was that great, wouldn't they have bottled it on its own? I'm pretty much over getting excited about four figure liquor.

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    1. re: sku

      Keep in mind, Grand Marnier-Lapostolle Family, has been around since 1880!
      For over 100 yrs, they have been recognized world-wide for an upscale cognac appeal.

      View this please, as to what Quintessence is all about.

      From the Grand Champagne Region(the absolute best), to the reason this amazing family's reserves are put together, as none have been done before. A new, double parfum, of their exotic orange, offers a subtle note, that none other can compare!
      Nothing else, like it's gestures, can compare.

      1. re: sku

        the entry-level, mass-market Grand Marnier is one thing.

        Their aged products are something else entirely -- I've had the chance to enjoy their Centenaire (which is, curiously, only 25 years old) on several occasions, and it's nectar of the gods -- smooth, not sticky, and truly wonderful.

        I've sampled their 50-year product (the name of which escapes me at the moment) and it's even better.

        Quintessance is probably close to mind-blowing, although I can't justify the price for even a heartbeat.

        1. re: sunshine842

          $$ probably because of its rarity, and the fact this blend will never be made again. My guess.
          Check out the above link.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. In your other post you stated that you would never go back to any lesser GM product. This implies that you already have a bottle. And if indeed you do, you're probably the only person on this board who ever will. I don't think most regulars here would bother, even if they do have the means to do so.

          Opinion? I'm sure it's tasty but I couldn't care less. I'd rather buy any number of things with $1000 than a bottle of this stuff, and any number of other spirits if I'm in the mood for a $75 shot.

          A much more interesting thread, in my humble opinion, would be a discussion of Ferrand's new(ish) "dry curacao" product, which retails for around $30/bottle.

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          1. re: davis_sq_pro


            I can even buy a LOT of Centenaire at $100 a bottle for that same cool grand.

            1. re: davis_sq_pro

              I didnt say "never go back to a lesser GM product", it's just harder after experiencing
              Quintessence. That's all.
              I do, however, own an un-opened bottle.
              Was curious to hear others input.

            2. As a big fan of GM but always skeptical about clever marketing ploys, I recently took the plunge as outside of wine and bourbon, GM is my go to drink. With the GM 100 being my favorite and IMO better than the 150....I was excited to see if this was worth the tariff. The clear answer is....ABSOLUTELY! If you're a fan of GM than I can honestly say that Quintessence reaches new heights. Not even in the same stratosphere as the 150. It is, yet, even lighter and more aromatic than the 150. It's much more complex and the orange liquor is much more restrained as there's only an essence of orange across the mid palate. I'm a much in fact that I'll be buying anytime I see one as this is one of those "if I had to have one bottle on a deserted island" type of drinks.

              1. Well, I have had several shots of Quintessence; we use it to celebrate good results at work. I have been a fan of GM for many years and have access to just about anything I wanted while working in the restaurant business for25+ years. I believe it is well worth the $800/btl. In fact, I just purchased another bottle last night. 998 for everyone else. I wish I could share it with everyone on this list so you can see how special it really is.

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                1. re: BigBlueC

                  Let me know if you or anyone you know are interested. I still own a sealed bottle.