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Restaurants currently serving shad roe?

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Can anyone recommend a restaurant that is currently serving shad roe? Thanks.

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    1. As far as the restaurants that would be most likely to serve it, i would suggest:
      Hungry Mother
      Neptune Oyster
      Island Creek Oyster Bar
      Craigie on Main

      1. If you want to prepare yourself, I saw it in the WF in Fresh Pond.

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          New Deal in Cambridge also has it fresh. No idea what to do with it though..

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            Here is a post on how to cook it from the Home Cooking board. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/6980... Couldn't be easier.

        2. My husband had it at Bondir a bit over a week ago.

          1. It was on the menu as a starter at Hamersley's last Saturday. This is the preparation I saw:

            "Sautéed Shad Roe and Crisp Smoked Bacon Lardons with Dandelion Green Salad and Sherry Emulsion"

            1. Thanks for all your replies. This board is great. Had it at Hamersley's last night and my boyfriend thought it was prepared very well and really enjoyed it.