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Apr 4, 2012 05:42 PM

Dining near Hyatt Istanbul?

Any suggestions for dining near Hyatt at takin square? We are finishing off tour of turkey have dined well, but would like non Mediterranean options for change of pace. Any good nearby Thai, japanese or Chinese for a large group of 12? Thanks.

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  1. Hope I'm not too late: I've found good Thai at Cok Cok of Istiklal and Pera Thai, right past the Pera Palace Hotel. There is a new Vietnamese place that's slightly further away - Indochine, near Galata.

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      Thank you, we stumbled upon Pera and after a week of kebaps and eggplant it was one of the most enjoyable Thai meals we ever had! Also ate at a Korean bbq place off Taksim Square that was quite good!

    2. Sorry, not off beat but just look down the alleys off the main pedestrian street Istikal Caddesi where there were the old embassies, off Taksim Square. It is so hard to go wrong eating anywhere in Istanbul ... or Turkey. One of the world's grand cuisines. So if you reconsider and want to have one last meal of their finest offerings along with full atmosphere, this is the place to get it all.─░stiklal...