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Apr 4, 2012 05:36 PM

Brunch UES or Midtown East plus Itinerary help

We are heading to NYC first weekend of June. Mom has never been to NYC. She isn't super fancy, but always loves it when we take her out to fancier places when she visits with us.

My big hurdle right now is Sunday brunch. I always like to have a reservation from brunch--I find the waits to be interminable in Manhattan at this time. My plan was Sara Beth CP, but they are already booked for brunch. We are staying near Penn Station and plan to visit Grand Central Station, NYC Library, Rockefeller, St. Patrick's Cathedral and Central Park on Sunday. (Or at least as much as our legs will carry us). My plan was to start from GC and work north, but I suppose we could start at CP and go south. So looking at UES and MidTown Eastish. Any advice for a brunch that won't break the bank (ie Norma's is too expensive)? AND takes reservations? I looked at Marseille, but it's a little too far west.

We are also planning on Toloache for dinner before seeing Wicked. And Chinatown Brasserie one night. My mom has never had dim sum and figured this would be an "easy" entry. A friend recommended Buddakan, but it seemed a bit trendy for my Mom.


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  1. skip buddakan!! it's old and dated. I think a nice place to go to brunch would be abc kitchen and you can make a reservation. What kind of food does your mom like? Midtown doesn't have great choices for food. What about Monkey bar for dinner in midtown?? They probably have a brunch too.

    1. A restaurant that I went to recently and loved was Perilla. It was just great in every way. That might be a good choice, but it's downtown.

      1. The newly opened NoMad at 28th and Broadway has been getting rave reviews for dinner. The atmosphere and decor might work for this. The breakfast menu, while not cheap, is a little less expensive than Norma's. And they are taking reservations on OpenTable. It's a short walk from Penn Station and very convenient to the 28th St N/R, which will take you right to Times Square afterwards.

        Re Sarabeth's on Central Park South:
        I was just able to pull up a 9:15am table for two the first Sunday in June. But nothing for 11am or noon. Even using the "next available" function on OpenTable, no weekend tables are available between now and the end of May for 11am.

        Did you try calling? I suspect they are so popular for weekend brunch they only accept reservations for before 10am and after 2pm or 3pm.

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          UES brunch -

          Atlantic Grill is always delicious and consistant, great menu, easy to get reservations -

          UVA - Italian, small with lots of character, nice outdoor patio in rear -

          Petrossian Boutique & Cafe - haven't been, but this could work..

        2. Thanks for all the great replies! Some are a little too far south for this trip, but definitely next time.

          Anyone have experience with Grant Park Grille? Or Cipriani Dolci in GCC? A friend mentioned these but I can't tell from reviews if okay for brunch. I think my Mom would like the atmosphere of both.

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          1. re: SaraPA

            BRYANT Park Grill. Mediocre at best.

            Cipriani Dolci - overpriced and average.

            1. re: SaraPA

              Kellari Taverna, on 44th St., b/t 5th & 6th, has a jazz brunch on Sundays. Prix-fixe and a la carte menus are offered. The food's very good, and the ambiance is pleasant.