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Apr 4, 2012 04:48 PM

Venice and Veneto (Padua and Verona) Restaurants

Planning a trip for a week in Venice and Veneto in July and looking for recommendation.

Not necessarily for "best restaurants" per se, but I am more looking for restaurants that are good and so specific to Venice (or Padua and Verona) that should not be missed. I am going to Veneto after a few days in Paris and in the Rhone Valley during which I am planning to eat at Agape Substance, Septime, Chatomat and Colliot (in Paris) and Les Cedres (near Tournon) so this is more the kind of restaurants that I am looking for, if that is helpful.

Any recommendation that you may have for Paris in addition to those greatly appreciated as well!

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  1. We were in Padova in Feb. 2 places that were very good for true Veneto dishes are, Osteria dal Capo, located in the Ghetto just off Piazza del Duomo; and another excellent place for true Veneto style Risotto is "La Finestra", also close by in the centro storico.

    1. You will get a lot of material if you type in Verona in the Search box up top on the right, especially if you click on All Years when the first batch comes up. Here is something to start you off. Great area, have fun!

      1. Hi Nexus,

        I have a similar trip planned this May with stops in Paris, Venice and Verona, and have also booked a table at Septime. While there's tons of information on Venice and Paris, I've had a little trouble with Verona, but I think I've narrowed it down to Trattoria all'Isolo and Al Bersagliere based on past Chowhound posts. Both seem moderately priced and serve typical Veronese cuisine. Anyone been recently?

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          Wow - we have a very similar trip. In Paris, I would definitively go to Septime and Agape Substance, both of which I have already been. I have also lots of other recommendations in Paris if you would like. Septime is just great - if I were independently wealthy, I would love to run a place like Septime - the food is very reasonably priced and very good (like what I would make if that was my actual profession). Agape Substance is right now my favorite restaurant in the world - they went out of their way to make my eating there twice, some of the most memorable experiences ever.

          Thanks for the info!

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            Funny, we were in Paris two weeks ago...loved Septime.....not pretentious, wonderful!! Food.

            Went to Agape the next day.....EASILY the best meal we've had in the last couple of years!! What an experience!! Laurent and David are brilliant!!!!!

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            My happy lunchtime experience with Al Bersagliere is a couple of years old, but here is a review from last May. I'm not endorsing the reviewer, just passing along the review. If you don't read Italian, the review is full of praise, and helpfully warns that the restroom at the restaurant is Turkish, (You can put the url in Google translate):


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              I just had lunch at Al Bersagliere today, a rainy Sunday. I had one of the daily specials, fresh tagliatelle with pumpkin and mushrooms. Friendly hosts, I assumed they were husband and wife, they spoke a little English which was helpful. The place filled up quickly. A few other places I've tried, L'Anfora, very good and packed with locals at both lunch and dinner every time I've walked by. It's not fancy food but the small menu has plenty to choose from. The spaghetti con vongole was delicious. Another place, Osteria del Fabbri was also excellent. I went twice, the second time because L'Anfora was full. First night osso buco with polenta and the next day for lunch, seppie (squid in its own ink) also with polenta. Judging by the owners style of dress it must be quite successful, cashmere sweater, Rolex, Mont Blanc pen and designer jeans. Nice guy and speaks a little English. I also tried La Finestra based on a CH recommendation. It was just ok but I only had risotto with pumpkin and cheese and a glass of Prosecco. Hardly any customers, not quite traditional, good service, it seems they are trying to be a little different, music was hip, decor was modern etc.
              I need a couple more recommendations, anyone have any? I would try Le Calandre but I have a feeling it would feel weird as a solo diner. Thanks in advance.

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                Its been several years, but we had a nice simple meal at Trattoria dell'Isola in Verona - a very simple neighborhood place (at that time, the owner's baby was playing in the corner - delicious horse ragu, peara (sort of like peppered pennsylvania dutch filling or dumplings),husband liked his bigoli in duck ragu.

          3. As I mentioned in my previous post that was "disappeared" by the mysterious forces; There are 2 very good places for local Veneto cookingin Padova.
            Osteria Dal Capo, in the Ghetto area near Piazza della Erbe and Piazza Duomo. Closed Sundays
            La Finestra, excellent risotto dishes, open for Sunday lunch.

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              ???? I see your prior post up above

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                Darn, ,those new glasses..!!////??? .......And I apologize to the Gremlins at CH!!!!

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                It's over two years later but your recommendation for Osteria Dal Capo was a winner. Twice during lunch, my husband asked me to write you with a thank you. We split a fish carpaccio first, he had rabbit, I had baccalo, dessert, local white wine, coffee, and complimentary limoncello. Then we continued sightseeing. Grazia.

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                  Dal Capo is one of our favorites, we have returned to Padova for the last 3 years, staying for a month each time. Dal Capo now welcomes us each Jan/Feb as old friends, and we never get bored with the menu that changes weekly too!!
                  Glad you and your husband liked it!!!

              3. Il Ridotto has exceptional food. The sepia risotto with ink was wonderful Gianni is a great host also. One of the best meals in Venice. He also owns a popular place a few steps away, for lunch which has pizza and spaghetti and meatballs.