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Apr 4, 2012 04:27 PM

Gourmet Hotdogs/Hamburgers close to Western, Massachusetts?

Anybody know a place that does gourmet hotdogs or has extensive hotdog/hamburger menu? I'm thinking along the lines of Pink's in LA: Somewhere close to Western Mass, specifically Northampton, with the possibility of catering. Thanks!

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  1. Check out Local Burger in Noho. Not gourmet, but good, and used locally sourced beef. Don't know if they cater.

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    1. re: mjoyous

      Thanks, I keep hearing great things about Local Burger, but have yet to try it. I'll def. put it on my to eat list for next time I'm in town.

    2. Capt. Jack's in Easthampton<<>> does a variety of dogs -- Vindaloo, Chicago, Chili, Thai, etc. But usually only one special at a time. And they do catering. Very superior stuff in my opinion.


      1. GRUB in Northampton has a couple of dressed up hot dogs (chicago style, etc) on their menu:

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          Tried it a few weeks ago after a show at Pearl Street. Got a Chicago dog and regular dog. Nothing special -- good for late night snack, far from gourmet.

        2. Just go to the white hut in west springfield...not gourmet per se but oh so good

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          1. re: AdamD

            yep. that's the most classic burger joint out that way, I think.