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Apr 4, 2012 04:27 PM

Passover Dinner: Not Brisket, so what now?

I usually make a brisket for Passover. But this year I have someone coming that does not eat red meat.

Chicken is fine, and my go-to dish in these situation is Chicken Marbella. But I'm so tired of that.

I'd like something as easy as Marbella (toss a big pan in the oven and don't worry so much about it)...

Anyone have any good ideas?

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  1. I never get tired of really good roast chicken. But if it's just one person, can you do a couple of pieces of chicken for him/her? And then brisket for everyone else.

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      I don't want to have them feel different. And I love a good roast chicken as well, but I want the ease of it already in pieces.

      1. re: Jennalynn

        i appreciate your not wanting your guest to feel different, however I always do two mains for the Seder even if I don't have too many guests. I love leftover brisket and appreciate not having to cook every night during the holiday. I generally make a brisket and a stuffed veal breast, but a roast or smoked turkey breast could also be nice.

    2. If you want to do chicken parts, try what I call chicken Nicoise. Remove most of the skin and fat from the chicken pieces, and saute in a little olive oil to brown each side. Add frozen artichokes, sliced fennel, whole peeled shallots, halved roma or whole grape tomatoes and kalamata olives. Then add thyme, white wine or vermouth, s&p. Cover and bake until almost done and remove cover for the last 15 min. This is a non specific recipe as it is very adaptable to time and ingredients available. You can do everything until the last 15 minutes in advance.

      1. My aunt always does apricot chicken on Passover.

        1. Roasted chicken parts Greek-style (with oregano, lemon and potatoes)

          I would stick to the thighs specified and not include breasts (if you had to include breasts, I'd cut each breast half into at least two pieces), as thighs are more more forgiving than breasts.

          1. I always make brisket and chicken with the chicken dish changing each year. I made this Joan Nathan Pandora's Chicken a few years ago and I am making it again this year. It's like Chicken Marbella, but not as fruity and sweet. I make the shallot sauce ahead of time.


            And last year I made this Braised Chicken with Lemon and Capers. It was very good and looked nice.


            Both can be made mostly ahead.