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Apr 4, 2012 04:23 PM

Beverage Calories

Do any of you save your calories for eating rather than drinking? Some times I'll have a beer (mostly in summer) or wine with my meal, but drink mostly unsweetened iced tea while dining out or water at home. An occasional smoothie in the morning for breakfast doesn't count because I don't usually have anything else with it, but adding several hundred calories to my meal or between meals seems like a waste to me. Am I the only weirdo on this?

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  1. There are only 50 calories in 3 teaspoons of sugar for an iced tea, and an 8 oz. glass of orange juice has only 100 calories. I don't find those numbers especially worrisome.

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      that's my excuse for using sugar in my coffee (3 teas. would be 3 cups of coffee for me), but sweet tea is another matter. i don't know if it's a Southern thing or not, but if were drinking sweet tea, I would be drinking 30-40 oz of it. This would run 300-400 calories. McDonalds gives the calorie count for a large (32 oz) as 280. I would probably get a refill. (or 6. restaurants in the south don't let you run out of tea!) it was when I learned these numbers, way back in my 20s, that I gave up sweet tea except for special occasions. I can't go down that road.

    2. I prefer natural tea to sweetened tea as well, so the calories aren't a problem there. If I had a glass of unsweetened fruit juice it also won't bother me. I don't drink any soft drinks and limit my beer consumption because of the calories. I am in Japan now so its most common to have tea with most meals anyways, has made it much easier on me.

      1. I don't drink sodas at home, and often get water with my meals to save on the calories. But I save my liquid calories for wine and cocktails, not for food. I don't count calories anyway, I just generally know when I need to cut back.

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          +1. And don't EVEN put any sugar in my tea.
          I only drink fruit juices if it has alcohol added to it. Hey- you have to start somewhere, I prefer mydrinks without sugar, Iced tea, green or black, no sugar, or water. I'm surprised at the number of people who think that anything you drink for refreshment should be sweet.

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            Drives me crazy that people can't be content with water. Does tens to bite menin te but with unexpected company because we only have water, skim milk, "fancy" beer, wine, coffee, teabags and hard liquor on hand regularly.

        2. Definitely, in terms of non-alcoholic beverages. Fortunately I prefer unsweetened iced tea, and I don't like regular soda. I almost never drink juice, or smoothies, because I'd rather eat whole fruit. And I drink A LOT of water. I'm not a big person, so an extra 500 - 600 calories a day from beverages is significant. My one exception is my daily chai latte, but I do find the milk in that helps keep me full through the morning. Now wine with dinner is a different story . . .

          1. I saw that advice on a loss segment of some cable show and it makes perfect sense. The corollary to don't drink your calories, is don't drink your money, although not applicable to oenophiles. I'm very happy with water (or milk with dessert).