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Apr 4, 2012 04:08 PM

Dried rosebuds

Does anyone know where I can purchase dried rose buds or petals in the boston/cambridge area ?
Have tried many middle eastern stores in the area and the usual exotic spice carriers in thax area to no avail. I am using them to make a dish called Persian jeweled rice. Thanx a million timmm

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  1. I bought some last week at Cambridge Naturals in the Porter Square shopping strip (near Porter Square Books).

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    1. re: PinchOfSalt

      there's a bunch in my living room right now that i haven't taken out of the vase yet :). Did you try the big middle east store in watertown? cant think of the name..Or i am guessing an Indian store, may be one in waltham.

      1. Christina's in Inman might have them, as well as Arax in Watertown, or some of the other middle eastern/armenian stores there. Maybe you already tried these, however.

        1. Arax in Watertown usually has them.

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            I tried Arax first before ending up at Cambridge Naturals. Yeah, I would expect Arax to have that sort of thing but in this case I guess they were simply out of stock. Scored some great honeybells, though. :)

            FWIW, in addition to all the usual Middle Eastern suspects in the Mt. Auburn Street area I had also tried Formaggio in Cambridge. They are another great place to check when seeking unusual ingredients. They had the cubebs I needed for the Ras Al Hanout recipe (which also called for the rose petals) but then I also found cubebs at the FP Whole Foods.

            I would dearly love a Boston Odd Ingredient Locator website where you could type in an ingredient and see locations on a map of the Greater Boston area where it has been spotted. Hehe well at least we can search the CH Boston board!

          2. The original comment has been removed