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Apr 4, 2012 03:09 PM

Newmarket / Aurora / East Gwillimbury / Uxbridge

I am looking for some good restaurants in the Newmarket / Aurora / East Gwillimbury area.

I know there is this thread already:
But it is old, and probably outdated.

From what I've had around this area already, I can say the following seem fairly good to me:
- Orchid Thai --- Aurora
- Tuptim Thai --- Newmarket
- Golden Malay --- Newmarket
- The Roast of Sharon --- Sharon
- Pizza 77 --- Mt. Albert
- Cambodian Noodle King --- Newmarket
- Tin Mill --- Uxbridge

What are other restaurants in the area that are good/excellent?

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  1. The Roast of Sharon ?

    Is that a pig roast or corn roast?

    1. Mexicanada in Bradford is still very good. Apparently the place is popular to the point where dinner requires reservations-- I can't vouch personally though, I've only been for lunch. Though they seem perenially short staffed, so be prepared to wait a little to be served.

      Solo Sushi Ya in Newmarket is also still delicious as usual. Really really fresh fish. But sadly, the rumors are true that sometimes-- sometimes-- the chef can get a little snippy. We're semi-regulars, and have never experienced this ourselves, but we've seen instances of it.

      Big Bone BBQ, also in Newmarket - probably can't really compare to the downtown joints, but still very serviceable if you're craving that kind of food.