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Apr 4, 2012 01:52 PM

Chowhound Dinner Group

I'll try to start organizing group dinners again in May via the yahoo group (per Chowhound rules) and Evite.

Tell me:
1. What night of work is your preferred (Monday & Tuesday seemed to work best last time)
2. Where do you want to go?
We need a place that lets us do separate checks or does counter service or is a set price that we can collect in advance. (Been stuck with the check too many times)

Places we tried last go round included:
Ventana (closed now but at the Culinary academy)
Cafe Bleu
Thai Passion

If you want to join the group please send a request so I can add you.

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  1. I do if I'm not already on it. Do I need to request through Yahoo? There are a LOT of places that I haven't tried, being out of the game lately. I'm down for any night except for the next ten Thursdays.

    1. Thanks for getting this going again. Have not been a member of that yahoo forum before, so grateful for any guidance on group name etc.

      Anytime is fine for me- I go to work early and usually home by 4:30.

      Interested in just about anything around town to try. I know what places I already like and go there all the time. Eager to explore anything and everything- old favorites or something totally new, and in all cuisines and price ranges.

      Would be fun do a BYO place here and there if others want to make it a mini-wine dinner (even taking turns over time bringing bottles informally so we just have a glass or two per person as it is a weeknight and we are all driving home.)

      1. I'd like to - how do I send a request?

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          Just google "yahoo groups" and go to that page. Look for the "Find a Group" box and enter "Austin Chowhounds"


          1. I'm in. Only restriction is my new job requires an early night.