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Apr 4, 2012 01:16 PM

Supplementing Peking Duck at China King

I've assembled a small group to have a three-course peking duck feast at China King this weekend. Does anybody have thoughts on what dishes would best supplement the peking duck and/or anything we that C.K. does particularly well?

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  1. Housemade noodles, for sure, described on the English menu as chow mein, but fear not: these have zero to do with the American-Chinese dish of that name. I've had the Shanghai and the Szechuan pickles with pork versions of these, both delicious.

    Didn't love the small steamed pork buns, a weak version of XLB, but the steamed raviolis (with the pan-fried "upgrade") were excellent. Veggie options aren't great, so I might get something dry-fried like spicy salt and pepper shrimp, and maybe a tofu dish, maybe the cold beef tendon plate, maybe a rice-cake dish (love that chewy gnocchi texture).

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      Oh! this just reminded me of the other really nice thing they did--we ordered two ducks, and for the second course they gave us one plate of the usual duck w/ veg. and another plate that was the duck with the housemade noodles, which really were good.

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      1. fwiw, we went for a duck night at CK last Friday--it was great & they were really nice, even let my friend stash his bike in the basement since he had forgotten his lock. We supplemented with pea pod stems and garlic (solid), mustard greens (a bit on the gingery side, but fine) and the dry fried squid (excellent).

        all in all, this place is really good & I'm glad they came back to ctown.

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          *Dry* fried squid? I've never heard of that, what was it like?

        2. So I finally tried the handmade noodle Chow Mein dish (With lamb), and was kind of disappointed. The lamb was a little too tough and chewy for my tastes, and the noodles weren't as satisfying as I thought they would be. They tasted so much like ordinary udon noodles, and they certainly didn't live up to my expectations which were borne from the universal raves about them.

          Wonder if I got a "stale batch"? As a noodle lover, I'm not opposed to giving them another go, perhaps with a different meat this time...

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            i thought the noodles (which i added to the second course of the duck) were quite nice, though yes, if i'd gone into it thinking the noodles themselves would be showstoppers, as opposed to a pleasant starch, i might have been disappointed. perhaps the real point of what people were raving about is that these are a different beast (and much better) than what you might normally expect from what gets called 'chow mein.'

          2. Haven't been since they moved but at their old location they made excellent scallion pancakes.