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Apr 4, 2012 12:49 PM

Graduation Dinner with Dad

Hello, I will graduate in May. So, it would be really cool to spend some time with my Dad someplace very nice Seattle. Any recommendations? He enjoys Italian and Mexican cuisine. Altura and Tulio Ristorante? But, with Seattle, I feel there'd be some darn good seafood, which would be delish. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. One of the great things about Seattle is that there is excellent seafood everywhere--I had some lovely local clams, in fact, on my last trip to Altura. Specifically for Italian and Seafood, you could try Anchovies and Olives, but my guess is Altura, Spinasse, etc. would all have seafood option.

    1. One of the best-prepared pieces of fish of my life was at Salvatore's, a little chef-owned Italian place at 6100 Roosevelt Way NE. If the special isn't halibut the day you go, get whatever Salvatore is offering on the special board that day. The specials are where Salvatore shows-of. The place is hilariously old-school. The Godfather wait-staff have been there forever (and know their menu), and the red-checker tablecloths are right out of the movies. It could surely use an update, but he does the standard well and the exceptional exceptionally.

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        One of the best pieces of red meat I ate was at Salvatore. They had a special of tenderloin medallions with gorgonzola and mushroom gravy. It was a few years ago but still memorable and still one of the best restaurant dishes I've had.

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          Best Veal Piccatta I have had outside Italy was at Salvatore's. As well as an excellent Clam linguinne on another occasion. As usual, Mrnelso, you have great taste:)!

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              Salvatore's for a reservation, you mean?

        2. If you like seafood, the Oceanaire Seafood Room is good for dinner. If at all possible try to time dinner to end before sunset. It'sone of the top places in town for seafood, it offers a menu that changes daily to highlight what is at its absolute peak. Whatever you guys order, tell your dad start with the oysters and end with their decadent baked Alaska. It's located at 1700 7th Ave # 100 and you can call them at 206-267-2277.

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            Unfortunately, Oceanaire closed like 2 years ago... Blueacre now occupies the space, but I wouldn't bother with it. There are better places, IMO.

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              I agree BufBandit. Oceannaire is a chain with prices that didn't appeal to Seattlites. Food was okay, but not spectacular. Although not a chain, I don't hold Blueacre in much higher esteem.

          2. Ponti Seafood Grill would be a good option for some really good seafood. The place is nice and I have always had excellent service there. Seafood is great and the sides are also really good.

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              Thank you for your help. Checked Salvatore's website; definitely looks old school. Good wine selection? I think this is the place we will check out. Looks like the right atmosphere for the two of us to celebrate together.